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  1. During the stationhead Q&A this week, Phil said that Aurora was a planet that did not quite belong with the spheres but that he couldn't say more at the moment. So i'm definitely thinking it was supposed to be on MOTS vol1 but they removed it from the tracklist at the last minute. It's possible that at the moment they are seriously considering putting it on vol2. Another theory I've seen online is that this could be another collaboration with BTS, but this time with either Chris or Coldplay featuring on a BTS song. This theory is supported by the fact that, apparently, the deal w
  2. Hello! Definitely not the official world tour setlist. We won't know the setlist until the tour actually starts. However the playlist could be an indication of some of the songs they are going to include.
  3. Critics are being overly cynical yet all of them fail to point out that they are the only act of their scale that has recently put out brand new, completely different original work. All of the other big acts who have been releasing this year are relying on : old work, same old style, or heavy sampling. Pretty ironic that Coldplay are taking the shit for being "too commercial" amongst all this, when they're the ones taking the most risks out there.
  4. Something's been bothering me and i'm sure lots of us... As per the leaflet (the map of the Spheres) AND the artwork cover show, there is a 13th sphere called Aurora, the tiny blue one. (on the same line as Utra and Infinity Station) According to the leaftlet and to the cards that people have been getting from the special box set, they created a dedicated alien language for this one as for all. Based on a thorough investigation (5 minutes of squinting my eyes at this lol) it seems to translate to "Aurow1".. But the album only features 12 songs, without any hi
  5. Will Coldplay ever Tour Again? The world tour has been announced, so the answer is Yes, they will. Thread closed
  6. Human heart is therapy. I absolutely loved it when they played it at Glastonbury and I was really really longing for the song to finally be released. It is a stand out moment for me, very meaningful. I can tell I will keep this song close to my heart for a long time after this era. Really grateful for this song
  7. So that's a good transition Love the Fix You vibe to it, really unexpected!! Perfect the renew the Fix You intro or outro as it was pointed out earlier!
  8. Chris has said in interviews that it's his favourite song because they wrote it with concerts in mind and he's really excited to play it on tour. HYPED! I think the lyrics are kind of pointless here and the instrumental is absolute fire. Really like the "how we're desiiiignneed" bit as well! Overall I really liked it on first listen but it hasn't stuck with me yet the other others have. This is DEFINITELY like AHFOD title track for me : a good studio song but mostly made for concerts. Once I get to experience the tour, I will probably end up with a strong attachment to it (like i no
  9. So THIS is what became of Life is beautiful, the infamous song that was performed live once, supposed to be released for charity but never actually happened! Infinity sign is DEFINITELY one of my all time favourite Coldplay tracks, immediately! Good lord. Where to begin?! One of the most surprising tracks on the album, I simply did not expect to hear Coldplay live remix as a full instrumental track What is so brilliant about it is that it is addictive and you instantly think, ok, let's have a 30 minute loop version of it. WHICH MAKES SENSE because the title is literally an
  10. Now this song Wait til you experience it live, I guarantee you will change your mind I was lucky to experience it when I saw them at Taratata and good lord it's wonderful. Such a different song from what they usually do and it's so cool to see The Man Who Swears finished. The horns are a wonderful addition as well. Muse now irrelevant
  11. Listening to the set from the London gig last night, the mix really upped the volume on Jonny even on the new songs, and to me it felt like I was finally hearing him. So I do think he's there more than what we hear on the album!
  12. The opinion on this song is very divided among Coldplay fans from what I've seen, which I find really interesting. It's mostly about Angel Moon/Angelina/Chris' distorted voice. You either absolutely hate it, which ruins the song or you're unbothered by it, so you actually are able to enjoy the song. I actually fall in the latter For me it's the most surprising song off the album. At first I was like "wtf is this what am i hearing" and then during the song I started thinking "Oh wait i am oddly liking this!" I really like the "love me love me love me" bit, very rnb. The song got s
  13. Why hello everyone! I can't believe we're finally here! MOTS is out!!! I listened to it about 5 times I think yesterday. They've done it again, they put out a truly surprising record. What stands out is how bold it is, they've made bold choices and therefore it is only normal that opinions are divided. The flaws imo: I do think the flow is less optimal than usual, which is a surprise because that's truly something they have mastered for a while now, a signature of their albums. I do think also that depending on the platform/version you listen to, there are lots of differen
  14. It does not seem like that potentially upcoming video is an actual performance. It seems more like an official video. So it's not shocking that it's not live or anything. The weird part is why would they do that given that it's not a single The full album theory makes sense in that context, but it does not really make sense to make full videos in that setting for the whole album....with the studio version..... It's all weird but hey I'll take it
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