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  1. Oh by the way there's a cool thread on Twitter about the visual similarities between Blade Runner and the Higher Power video. It was definitely one of the inspirations for Dave Meyers:
  2. That's a very good point definitely some kind of mistake????? Weird that they would make such a big mistake though because they definitely confirmed that the video takes place on Kaotica.
  3. Writing down my first theories before I forget about them 1. The 3 part mention at the beginning : 3 big singles which will form some sort of film or story when put all together. Chris leaves to another planet/place at the end so I assume he will arrive somewhere else in the next video 2. The character (Angel Moon) which we see on the screen at the beginning and the end may appear again in other videos. Could be a character known all over The Spheres This video is nothing we've ever seen before and it's amazing to see them be so ambitious!!!! My favourite part I think is
  4. What is everyone thinking about the video?
  5. It just says "universe" Yeah, I hope there will be clues related to the album, but so far nothing indicates that'll be the case, it all seems to refer only to Higher Power and to give some kind of context to this particular song.
  6. Sexshop, liquor store.... I'm guessing it's supposed to represent a sketchy area of some town on Kaotica. Longer teaser! And new spotify canvas
  7. So some folks have decoded "Sex Shop" from one of the signs on the first gif, what else can we find ?
  8. Here are the definitions on Spotify: I'm not an expert so folks are welcome to correct me if i'm wrong, but basically, usually the label owns the recording of the song while the artist owns what makes the song (lyrics, melody etc). In this case, Coldplay completely own the material and they're only letting the label use it under licensing. So more money to Coldplay and more power to them. This is a pretty big step!
  9. Looks like Coldplay own the master recording of Higher Power!! And maybe that will be the case for the entire album?
  10. I Ran Away pointed out that the barking dog on one of the Alien Radio stations could be related to those dogs on the poster and therefore on the video!
  11. Exciting This poster is rather...interesting
  12. Had anyone else noticed this??? This makes the video even more interesting now A direct reference to a famous Coldplay video in the new Coldplay video??? I don't think they've ever actually dared before!! It's wonderful!! And like it really drives the point of this parallel universe and planet!! You have direct comparison!
  13. And here's the picture from the Youtube preview Overall the vibe is Blade Runner meets The Flash
  14. THAT TEASER I am SO hyped for this!!
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