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  1. twiqz

    5th album?

    to me this is great news, Parachutes IMO was their best album
  2. you too maria thank you

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! maria [IMG]

  4. You get to see them in Cali it looks like so shush, i gotta wait til they come around to Pitts again which will probably be another year or 2
  5. I wish i could rewind back to this day...I know ill never have seats,( to any concert for that matter) as good as them ever again :cry: I still need to figure out how to edit the 2 videos i took, (see my previous post)...I hate tilting my head to the side during chris's paino solo's.. Wish i would have just recorded the enitire concert 1 way...Why did i have to try to get the long view's:veryangry2:
  6. vivayellow- Ide say i was about 4 people across from you, I was more center if anything, off just a little to the left - Check out the pics i posted.. I did noticed the lady with the baby, thats was pretty cool, i know everyone around me was questioning if that was Gweneth, that wasnt her though? I couldnt tell it was too dark.... The setlist didnt change at all, its the same as any of the other shows which can be viewed on this thread and several others..Amazing night, wish i could meet more people with pictures near me and maybe some videos. I know a girl right beside me had a blackberry and was taking pictures with it.
  7. Hey what part in the Pit for the Pittsburgh show where you at? I was in the very front, a little to the left of center

  8. Check out my album, i have over 130 pictures from the show, im not posting them all on this board :laugh3: http://s637.photobucket.com/albums/uu100/twiqz84/
  9. First you need to sign up for an image hosting website(photobucket.com) then once created youll need to upload your images to photobucket. When you have that done you can post the pictures by clicking on the 'insert image' icon when you go to sent your message, it will ask for the url that the picture is in. Photobucket.com will provide you with the url once the picture is uploaded.... My questions however seem to be going unanswered :cry:, "Was there anyone else in the PIT for this show? I was wearing the twisted logic tour shirt in the front...I remember we had some funny situations with people trying to cut in front' -and- is there anyway to edit video , i recorded the scientist and politikl in from my where i was in the pit(see the picture i posted)...since i just purchased the camera i didnt know that when you tilt the camera vertically it doesnt record it that way...so now i have the 2 (extremely good) videos i have that half way in the show you have to tilt your head to the side :embarassed: . I just need to edit it so that i can flip the part of the song i tilted my camera vertically to. Basically edit that part of the video at a 90 degree angle....
  10. Hello Mike, nice to meet you. Yes looks far away, but in a few days here you will look the little is the world!!!! Tell me something about the concert please!!!!! My first concert will be in september in London this is far away!!!!!

  11. Thanks, Im glad my pictures came to use, My name is Mike, Im from Pittsburgh, I see you live in Spain, Wow thats really far away :)

  12. Was there anyone else in the PIT for this show? I was wearing the twisted logic tour shirt in the front...I remember we had some funny situations with people trying to cut in front. :laugh3:
  13. Hello twiqz, my name is Maria and I'll send you a mesagge for friend for your amaizing pics, thanks a lot!!! Made a visit in the Chris Thread your pics there are a success!!!! Say hello I'm.....have you got another name more easy to remember?

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