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  1. so seeing as it was nearly impossible to get tickets to this, does anyone know what the best bet is now in terms of trying to get some? is stubhub the only option? because those ticket prices are insane. I agree that this seems like the weirdest ticket sale situation ever. did anyone even get tickets in the general sale?!
  2. Okay, so... update: I think I'm actually in denial about the whole thing. Cause I was just thinking about how for so many years I'd have all these recurring dreams about meeting Chris, and they'd feel so real, and I'd wake up and roll over and expect to see proof that it'd actually happened- an autograph, picture, something- but of course they were just dreams... And now I have my autograph propped up next to my bed, so I wake up and see that it REALLY happened, and it's so overwhelming. Is this what everyone goes through after they meet their biggest hero?! Anyway, thanks so much for all o
  3. OKAY. PHEW. So I just got back to Rome (where I live) from London, and I just checked this thread and my twitter and my tumblr and facebook I am SO OVERWHELMED. Everyone is messaging me from everywhere to talk to me about it and just AHHHHH. And of course I'm still in shock from the actual event and now there's all of this aftermath... Anyway, I just read all of the messages and they made me so happy and I promise that I'll come back and respond and stuff but right now I'm beyond exhausted and it's 1AM here. But I'll be back on tomorrow!
  4. Just out of curiosity which car was Chris driving ??

  5. Your story just totally made my day. You wrote it so well and life-like, it felt like I was there as well :wacky: GOSH that had to be so crazy! :lol::laugh3:

  6. Oh man, they were SO nice. Gwyneth had a whole conversation with me and she was just sitting there with her feet on the dashboard and Chris was so nice and I just kept apologizing for stopping them at their house but they were so, SO amazing about it. I do think it's a pretty unique story, haha... and oh man, when I looked down and saw that he was drawing ME, I thought "wtf Chris" :lol: I think he did all that because I was so apologetic for stopping them even after they told me it was fine... I love your username and avi omgomg I also went to Speedy's today and The Sherlock H
  7. So I didn't think I should post this in the Bakery thread because technically it didn't happen at the Bakery, but... TODAY I MET CHRIS MARTIN AND GWYNETH PALTROW How, you might ask? Well, they almost hit me with their car. Basically, I wanted to stop by the Bakery and pay my respects- I figured they wouldn't be there, but I'd always wanted to see it. As I was walking down the street following the map I'd printed out, I thought to myself, "hmmm, doesn't Chris live nearby?" And then I noticed one house with some pretty snazzy security. And then I heard a car start from behind the house's
  8. ^ Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH oh my god I'm shaking, it all actually happened! It's on video!! Here's a breakdown :P 4:24-4:30- Chris noticing and pointing at my poster 6:43- Chris telling me that Will was on the other side of the stage 6:56- CHRIS POINTING ME OUT TO WILL. 7:10 onwards- WILL THANKING ME. plus a thumbs-up from Guy.
  9. *pops in* Has anyone seen a video of the bows yet? I found one of ETIAW but none have the bows :( Damnit, I want a video of Chris pointing at me and Will thanking me!
  10. oh and here are two photos from me for now- more tomorrow
  11. I am in complete and utter shock right now. I can't believe I got to see Coldplay from the front row for the second time this month. I can't believe this happened to me. I just... I can't believe I got upgraded again. Words can't even describe how I feel. I'm gonna post more tomorrow, but for now I just want to share two things: - I made a poster that said "I'll always raise the flag", and held it up during the concert... I got a few acknowledgements from the band but the best was during the song from which the lyrics come, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. Chris came over directly in f
  12. whoa. I have no idea how I feel about this yet. I think I'll let it sit for a while... I THINK I like the idea, although I'll never look to it as an "explanation for the songs" or something. To me, the songs mean what they mean because of how I've interpreted them personally, not because of a comic book... :shrug:
  13. eeek, yes, I am! during the confetti! thank you so much, I'm so happy that there's pictures of me from that moment :D
  14. Here are some of my photos (sorry for the tumblr url watermark, I posted these on my tumblr and didn't want to take any chances after that girl took my photo from here last night!)
  15. sorry, that anger wasn't directed at you in any way, it was directed at her :P she replied to my tweet and told me it was on tumblr, damn it! guess someone came on here and snagged it :angry:
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