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  1. Agreed. I got beer spilled on my head haha... But getting a Coldplay acoustic set played right in front of me for about $40 was definitely worth dealing with the sketchy lawn environment.
  2. Hello there! Been awhile since I've posted 'round here. Lovely to see some familiar faces from when the album was dropping :) Anywhooo, I was at the concert last night. Lawn seats. RIGHT in front of the acoustic set. I attended the Cleveland show last fall and, aside from this show being better in some ways, the boys absolutely made my night when they showed up on the lawn to play for us. And they played Green Eyes during the set. Amazing. As for the rest of the show, the whole band was phenomenal. Chris was bouncing around like a mad man. He only played a few sour notes, but made
  3. Um I was totally one of the people jumping up and down and screaming with my friend in our floor seats. The crowd definitely joined in with the "woah-oh-ohh" parts but the dancing was WEAK. But the saddest part was that half the people around me weren't even singing the verses to some of the songs. Haha but it didn't matter cause I was yelling the words so I made up for the slackers... :cool:
  4. CONCERT IS TOMORROW! We have waited since July 5th for this darn thing! Jeez it better be incredible. But its Coldplay, I have no worries! :cool: I'll be wearing my black viva t-shirt so holler if you see me! Im on the floor in sec 5 row PP! CANT WAIT!!
  5. DAAHF!!?! WOOOHOOOOO! My wish came trueeee!! :D:lol: That set list is HUGE though. This concert must be amazing. Absolutely can't wait.
  6. Ah! I knew Semy would turn up with something cool... Awesome job man, do you have any bigger sizes? Possibly 1440x900?
  7. I think what's important is that all these bass players have stand out songs... With Guy, just think of songs like Sparks with the bass carrying the song for the most part, and in Shiver where the bass plays a harmony-like riff over top of Jonny's edgy guitar perfectly. And of course my favorite on the Pararchutes album, Everything's Not Lost. Absurdly catchy and awesome filler during the choruses and intervals. But then on AROB, think of GPASUYF where without the bass line that main chord progression wouldn't be nearly as cool. And even though its quite simple, the chugging bass line in
  8. Haha Semy will probably dominate as usual... But its worth a shot, I'll play around in Photoshop/iPhoto for a few hours tomorrow after work :nice:
  9. Agreeeeeeeed! This is what I was hoping to hear come out of the Brixton show and it seems it still hasn't happened. They could play that final chorus "... I don't wanna follow DAAHF..." over and over. I garuntee that would be come an instant classic finisher just like Amsterdam and even Fix You, Lovers In Japan just seems out of place at the end... Its a great song but it doesn't belong there. Oh well, I think DAAHF just makes sense as the finale... You know what else is cool? Fix You and DAAHF are in the same key. How cool would THAT transition be if they played them back to back as a fina
  10. Jeeez I never thought of it like that... I wish someone would do some research on this and come up with an estimation on what the real sales figures would have looked like without music pirating :shocked2: Maybe EMI should look into this to help prove they have the biggest band in the world ;)
  11. Hey thats a cool comparison I never thought about that... I wonder if they're not too far apart in their musical key signatures or even possibly the exact same key? :surprised:
  12. Sweet baby Jesus, that's ridiculous! :shocked2: I wonder if all the haters will see the light any time soon? This chart shows some promise ;)
  13. Sweet baby Jesus, that's ridiculous! :shocked2: I wonder if all the haters will see the light any time soon? This chart shows some promise ;)
  14. I think ROL is one of the catchiest songs on the album, it needs some meat on its bones, but its catchy... But I agree, I find myself starting the album from the beginning and listening all the way through. Or if its the CD in my car I just continue from wherever I left off from the last car ride haha. This album has become the soundtrack to my life an I'm so glad its finally here :nice:
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