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  1. I thought this show was abolutely amazing, I have no complaints. I just generally enjoyed last year's tour better.
  2. Life is perfect right now, I'm looking forward to the summer, learning to drive, and junior year. :D
  3. Ok, I'll stay! :lol: Sooo, how is everyone!
  4. Aw, all you peoples. I love you all <3 I'm back. I might stay. Still kind of undecided. How's everyone been? :D
  5. Psst. Does anyone on here remember me? You're all a bunch of newbies to me :P Well, I'm Jess. I used to be a moderator on here, back in the day. I also owned the fanlisting for Coldplaying.com. I don't know why I came back here, I just wanted to say Hi, and if anyone remembers me, give a little hello! Um, yes. That's about it for me. Hello. Goodbye.
  6. Oh, I know what you mean with exams. I've been insane with those. I only have two more on Friday and then I'm done with school!! I'll try to stay but, I'll probably be in this thread most of the time. :D
  7. OH MY GOD SAMMIE!!!!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: I missed you!!! Sexy icon you've got there :wink3:
  8. Of course I know you Kristen! :D :kiss: Oooh I wish I could see Hullabaloo sooooo bad!!! :cry:
  9. I know! I missed you guys too. I've mostly been caught up in school work but now that summer's here, you'll be seeing a lot of me again :D
  10. Hey museaholics! I haven't been on here in a while. Wow, 173 pages. You guys are amazing!!! :kiss: :kiss:
  11. So I made another fanlisting, but this time it's for this forum we all know and love. So go and join! :P ---> http://www.quiet-crown.net/forum
  12. GOOD LUCK REN!!! I know you'll be awesome! We're all cheering for you over here at the Muse thread! :kiss: ..nice avatar by the way ;)
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