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  1. Now i know what this song reminds me of!!!! Tracy chapman "fast car"... It was driving me crazy...
  2. phrames

    True Love

    Ooh yeah... The solo :-)) those dissonant notes, just WONDERFUL!! They went there...
  3. phrames


    The song is okay... Of course I'm excited because its a new coldplay release and it has its moments but to say its more than average... I dont know... Yes its on repeat in my head but would it be a song by anyone else I wouldnt have played it a third time... Although I must say its a nice change to the big big big mx
  4. I love the way he songs "stole the key" but what really bugs me is that it seems he´s a bit tooo early when singin (cartoon)"heart"... its not exactly in time... but maybe its because I´m used to the live-version... but all in all its a great great song... live and studio!! making the chorus NOT start epic isnt the worst idea for a change! I quite like that!
  5. THAT is spot on... every word! They did everything musically, what theyre capable of... and after more than 10 years of writing songs and making music, being creative and putting out music that defined a decade, met the zeitgeist and made them the biggest band, MAYBE the time has come where theres just nothing left... I think that a songwriters life has only so much songs to offer... I think Chris martin is out of genious right now... That can come back! But I think this great great river has run dry for now... Thats not a shame, thats how life goes, thats how creativity goes and you cant cons
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