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  1. Holy $hit you guys. How bad is this album :sob: The *ONLY* track I'm vibing with is "CHURCH" -- it really feels Prospekt's March Era for me.
  2. My friend Ryan introduced me to Coldplay back in 2002 -- I've been obsessed and in love ever since. Seen them 3 times Live, am a frequent observer on this forum, and generally listen to Coldplay, old and new, weekly. Ever since Viva La Vida Ryan and I have gotten together in a dim lit room and listened to every album upon its release. On Friday, we did carried out the tradition. After the last track, we both just looked at each other in disbelief and disappointment. Flat out: It's just not a good album. The replay-ability of 90% of the tracks, for me, is zero. The one track that I do LOVE is "CHURCH", and that is because it sounds most like the Coldplay that I know and love. Where is Will on this album? Where are the stadium bangers? Where are the iconic sounds and chill-inducing riffs? I am genuinely at a loss for words over this album. It's easily my least favorite of theirs of all-time, and it's not even close. I can't understand how anyone could feel much different. Ryan and I found ourselves just going back and playing old Coldplay tunes from the last 2 decades for a couple of hours, reminiscing and basking in the Coldplay we know and love. I will always get excited and look forward to new Coldplay music. But perhaps they have just run out of ideas, which is ok. I think we'll get another album in 2020 with a tour to follow it. I can only hope they find their sound again. Sorry for the negativity. Just disappointed and needed to vent. If you're enjoying the album, I'm happy for you.
  3. The two tracks I'm most excited about: Church & Old Friends. I'm praying that Church has some organ/church bells featured a la "Lost!" and Old Friends just because the name itself sounds nostalgic and emotional :)
  4. Hi guys :/ I don't wanna be dramatic, but terrified we're gonna get another Coldplay album that I just don't vibe with. The tracks are O.K., but I don't see myself listening to either on the regular by any means.
  5. Not crazy about either track. Orphans is veryyyyyy Mylo era and Arabesque is something all on its own. Having said that, I do appreciate the general idea and ethos around the sound and am looking forward to hearing the remainder of the tracks on the album. As as always music is subjective and I hope everyone else is in love with these tracks -- so happy our boys are back! Happy Coldplaying!
  7. Fully expecting my computer to blow-up with the Coldplay.com page up on my screen when the countdown strikes 0:0:00:00 :joy:
  8. Are we getting 1 song or 2 today? Seeing people have heard a couple of songs already leaked so just clarifying...
  9. Been coming onto this forum for 15 years, and with leading up to each and every release I've come on here to check out the speculation and rumors surrounding the latest album drop AND IT'S NO DIFFERENT THIS TIME AROUND BABY! I all of a sudden feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. Judging by the aesthetic/style of the poster, teaser video, and typed note I'm HOPING it has a bit of an old world feel to it perhaps mixed in with some electronic edginess to it. Who honestly really knows but either way I'm so excited! Love the album names as well. Off to a promising start. Here's hoping a single is released this week. HAPPY COLDPLAYING MY BEAUTIFUL COLDPLAYERS! <3 LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!!!
  10. Good god. E-Lo is grim. More disappointing bullshit from the boys. Nice. Someone PM me if/when they ever wake up from this nightmare and start making good music again.
  11. For the love of god boys, please return to the sound of your roots. Regardless, looking forward to the next year of updates, speculation, leaks, and high hopes with you all!
  12. Here’s a question for you all... Starting with Mylo Xyloto all the way to Kaleidoscope EP, what songs (if any) do you feel as though are representative of Coldplay’s true and traditional sound (or the sound all of us enjoy the most)? I’ll start: Atlas (talk about underrated songs!) Major Minus Moving to Mars Oceans Everglow (kinda iffy, just really like the song) Aliens Probably forgetting some, curious to hear what yours are!
  13. I think our opinions on music in general are largely shaped by the period of life in which we find ourselves, and our circumstances. I was a freshman/sophomore in college when VLV & PM came out. I'll never forget the first full listen to VLV with my best friend, we still talk about it to this day. It was an experience. Later, PM had just been released a couple months prior to my road trip from Oregon up to Victoria, B.C. - Filled with rain, snow, fog, mountains + evergreens -- and it was well and truly my soundtrack on that trip. Prospekt's March (the song) takes me back to that time the most in ways I can't explain -- I get chills thinking about it! I am so happy this thread exists to share these things with fans who get it.
  14. Just popping in for the first time in probably 2 years to say that Prospekts March is the most underrated piece of work by Coldplay and is largely better than any of their work since its release :D
  15. ISawSparks06


    Really, REALLY, not a fan of AHFOD as an album. But, this particular track is an absolute banger. Probably in my top 20 favorite Coldplay songs. Find myself listening to it multiple times per day since its release.
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