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  1. It seems odd that they are so uncharacteristically smart for this video and go to the trouble of wearing old music-hall style dress and then wear mucky boots with it Just seemed incongruous. Not noticed it before until this Christmas and it seemed odd.
  2. LOL, yes it does look like that. Are we missing something here? How did they get so mucky on the dirty streets of Hampstead? :lol: Or is it a Coldplay statement? Smart, old music hall style dress and mucky boots?
  3. Has anyone else noticed their boots on the Christmas Lights Video? Is it the lighting, are they wearing suede boots or are they just mucky?
  4. Not sure if anyone else has seen this similarity to a younger Chris Martin.... Billy Twelvetrees who plays rugby for England. I'm sure he must be Chris' long-lost cousin!
  5. Coldplay Live 2012 - review from the UK Saw it in the UK last night, some thoughts: I saw the premiere of the Coldplay film- at the big screen it's almost as good as being at one of their concerts. Most of the footage comes from Stade de France - the stadium in Paris they use for the French rugby internationals. The set list is like a typical concert - starts with MX, ends with ETIAW. Along the way some nice touches. There is - like Coldplay Live 2003 DVD - B&W behind the scenes footage amongst the songs. It reminds us why we love them and why the are the world's best band currently. Chris films their journey into the crowd for Us Against the World with a cinecam - filming is then continued by someone else as they perform. This song is presented in Cine format with sound obviously recorded separately. It's quite odd seeing something we associate with the 1970's (colour cine film) having soundtrack from a modern setting we know well. Perhaps that's what Chris intended -nostalgia but make it modern. The Chris humour is there too: " We worry about something going wrong at the last minute. Will smashing an ab from one too many bench presses. Johnny developing an extra finger and playing one too many notes. Guy becoming even more handsome and impossible to light". :laugh3:
  6. Nat, he was very nervous at the start and it affected UATW noticably. However, he setttled down thereafter I thought. I thought the sound mix was terrible also for UATW and I barely heard Will; whilst the guitar drowned out Chris' voice at times.
  7. This. I thought that too but I also thought that when Rhianna was being lofted high up in her swing Guy was clearly looking up and thinking 'thank God it's not me in that thing!' :) Loved every minute of this awesome Coldplay gig! Too many highlights to mention all of them. The start with 'Us Against the World' being so appropriate; Strawberry Swing and the closing of ETIAW with a Waterfall and Chris with the Paralympic flag. Love Coldplay so much for doing this.
  8. You're right in terms of artists . Of course the Brits had Adele and Coldplay - both of which I adore. My remark was directed at the presentation and organisation, not Coldplay winning/ not winning or the acts themselves. The Brits was a shambles in its presentation and production and the US put us to shame (although I agree the acts on the BRITS were better)
  9. Well as a Uk fan I feel a little miffed (and patronised by this remark). The world doesn't revolve around the US you know! The UK has Coldplay fans too you know and each and every tour we're lucky if we get 5-10 shows in the Coldplay tour. All I've seen lately of Coldplay is them on US TV talk shows giving interviews. The Olympics is an important part of UK events in 2012, and whilst I realise the US is a much bigger country with 5x the population of the UK, we're getting a rough ratio even considering that. So yes, Coldplay at the biggest event for the UK in the last 50 years please and less appearances on US talkshows (and more UK gigs)
  10. Who said? On here or was there a poll somewhere? I haven't forgiven the Brits for their 2009 snub of Coldplay, with 4 nominations going unrewarded and yet the Grammies acknowledging Coldplay. I stand by what i said -the presentation of the Brits is tacky and unrprofessional. James Corden presenting from the floor and people walking in front of camera. Adele being cut off after just two sentances to hear a dreadful band performing. Buckets of booze all over the place. Yuk on all counts!
  11. Exactly, which is why we want them at the Olympics and not over in the US for the umpteenth time!
  12. Where's Concorde when you need it? I remember Live Aid in 1985 when Phill Collins did the gig in London, then flew to the US and performed for their Live Aid concert too
  13. I just thought the same. If we can't have Coldplay at the Olympics, then at least have this song with a montage of Olympic clips. I feel an apology growing already about the Olympics. We have a terrible logo that nobody likes and breaks all the rules of good design ; a terrible narrative for the opening ceremony that's depressing about pollution and a spoiled land ; and a terrible band past their prime to close it. And no Coldplay! Maybe they saw what was planned and with the exquisite taste they all have said "no thanks". Who could blame them?
  14. Unless someone knows something we don't it seems unlikely in this that Coldplay will be appearing at the Olympics. I think it's a shame because the Blur performance at the Brits last month did not enthuse me at all. I was never a big fan of Blur in the first place, but I thought their live performance was awful and they were a shadow of their former selves. I usually agree with Chris on most things, and I know it's tongue in cheek when he said "the Brits used to be awful until we got involved" (or something to that effect) but I hate what the Brits have become. They're tacky, badly organised and presented and far from making Britain look cool it makes us look naff. The awards themselves looked cheap and nasty, like a cheap toy; no one looked like they knew how to dress up for the occassion, the presenting was awful; and the disrespect shown to Adele was a disgrace. The Grammies looked much more professional IMO. I digress but re the Olympics I really don't think a has-been band just reformed is the best showcase for Britain, and I'm desparately sad that my favourite band are not there in some part.
  15. Great news for the New Year! Awesome way to start 2012! This song certainly is the most catchy of MX just as VLV was for VLV! It is hard to predict what will make a number 1 though. Wasn't VLV a last minute addition to VLV back in 2008?
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