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  1. I must have been naughty because no Secret Santa surprise has arrived. :( 2nd Year in a row that the Coldplay Santa hasn't made it to my house. Wonder if he's getting held up in customs?
  2. Hoping that after Santa has a rest he'll drop by! Maybe Valentine's Day!
  3. Thinking that Secret Santa skipped my house this year :sniff: but I'm still holding out hope! As Santa said, the post moves in mysterious ways and this year seems to be slower than ever. Merry Christmas, Coldplayers!
  4. SO glad it arrived safely! The candy is yummy; of course I tested it out myself before sending some to you! I'm happy you like the ornament and card, and of course we love those shiny stars! Hope your back is mending. Sending love and many Merry Christmas wishes! -- Jill SO
  5. So excited because my Secret Santa package arrived today from Isabel in Mexico! She sent a lovely card, a beautiful ornament which is going on my tree right now, a sweet little bear (which my cat has tried to take away from me), and yummy candy! Muchas gracias, Isabel! Feliz Navidad, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Coldplayers!
  6. Feeling nervous because I sent my parcel last week and haven't seen yet it's been received. One sent to the U.K. arrived already so hope the one sent within the U.S. is OK.
  7. So glad you received it and you liked it! I had a lot of fun putting it together. Merry Christmas!
  8. And today I arrived home to find my Secret Santa gift all the way from Chile! My first South American Christmas present! LORE! Thank you so much! The card is beautiful and your photos are amazing! And to create magnets, what a great idea! Love it all. Thank you, my wonderful Coldplaying Secret Santa!
  9. A box is winging its way across the ocean to my Secret Santa recipient. Can't wait for it to arrive and hope it creates smiles!
  10. I think that's a wonderful idea. It would help to know that someone tried to send something, rather than to think that the person just didn't care enough to follow through!
  11. I'm in as well. I've participated for several years now and some of my most precious ornaments came from Coldplayers. Last year I was disappointed not to receive anything but I have faith and am continuing this year!
  12. Haven't received anything from my Secret Santa yet but I haven't given up hope! Crossing my fingers that it will arrive by New Year's. Gives me something to look forward to!
  13. You're welcome! I'm so glad it arrived. Enjoy and have a very happy Christmas!
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