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  1. Its so funny because when the song started to play in the movie my 6 y/o son turned to me and said hey mom its Coldplay. I guess it also helps that LiT has been my ringtone for almost a year now:laugh3:
  2. They use it in a sort of love scene....that is the only way that something so beautiful like LiT could be used in a comedy
  3. LiT not part 2 It just made me feel all happy hearing it at the end of the movie:D
  4. it was a cute movie but them playing it at the very end made it all the better. It was just strange hearing it since I just saw them live 2 nights ago, it was almost like being there again:laugh3:
  5. Hi guys I just got back from seeing the new Night at the Museum and they ended the movie playing Life in Technicolor....How cool:D
  6. I wish that they would bring back Warning Sign too....its just sooooo goood:laugh3:
  7. Hope that everyone in DC has as good a time as I had last night front row in Virginia Beach......it was AWESOME
  8. I know it is awesome, Coldplay should invite them out to perform with them sometime
  9. Right now at the moment Strawberry Swing its just summery. Glass of Water too oh hell I love them all...can't choose:P
  10. I came across this today and I just wanted to tell everyone they have to see these kids sing VLV:shocked2: [ame= ] [/ame]
  11. they changed our show time last minute from 7:30 to 7pm. We got there at 6pm and then the Howling Bells went on the Pete Yorn and then Coldplay went on at 9pm.
  12. I saw them back in Nov in Orlando and then tonight outside in Virginia and they are both my top 2 concert EVER.....I wish that I had the money to follow them all summer long!!! Oh and on the way to the concert they were saying that Gwyneth was there so I guess that she is following them for the next few shows
  13. I loved it when they did I'm a Believer and Made Johnny sing if he was in love....ohhhhhhhh
  14. I just was looking at the setlist from Bham and it was the same for this show. Now as for the free CD I got mine but had to wait a bit in a line because they ran out and had to go get some more. Chris was a bundle of energy tonight...man I wish I had half of what he has.:laugh3:
  15. Our pit was standing room and it was great, we got there early and were front. As far as I know the set list was the same, they played 2 times out in the grassy area. Oh god it was great
  16. OMG OMG OMG We ended up front row in the pit right in front of Johnny...it was great.
  17. I just go the same email. I know that they actually have 2 opening acts, The Howling Bells and Pete Yorn so I am sure that is why they bumped the time to 7pm.... Can't wait....see you all there
  18. Doors open @ 6:30 and the parking lot opens @ 5:30 So I have tix for the pit and I saw that someone asked if there were "actual" seats or not. Did we ever find this out?:dance:
  19. Tonight is the night people......I am soooo freaking excited and I can't wait:o
  20. I ended up with Pit G 05 center......I am so freaking excited. I saw them back in November down in Orlando. I see that Snow Patrol is opening their June dates so I wonder who will be opening for the Virginia show..... I am so excited.. I am gonna be there with all of you ready to meet the gang:laugh3:
  21. omg omg omg, I saw them in November in Orlando when we were living down there and we just moved to Virginia Beach and I am going again.....I am so excited I can't wait
  22. Happy Birthday Chris You are a musical genius:singer:
  23. I would really like to get a hold of the instrumental version....I loved that they used it for Medium...I was cheering when it first came on:dance:
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