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  1. oh welcome :) sorry...I've taken a long break from coldplaying.I was enjoying my 2 n a half months of holidaying.its coming to an end now though. so wassup?

  2. AHHHHH, No way!!! Its been like months:stunned: How have you been, whats new:D

  3. Thanks for the friend request. (:

  4. Thanks for the friend request. (:

  5. Thanks for the friend request. (:

  6. *poke* Guess who's back. :P

  7. Merry Christmas Lourey! Hope that you have a great day, hope all is well. Take care:nice:

  8. merry early christmas to u!!! hope uhave a good 1.

  9. These new pictures are from Coldplay. com. Apparently it's a lovely photo blog. (: Here's another:
  10. hello again how are u enjoying ur turkeyday!!! how do u add a picture to ur signature? im having trouble doing that.

  11. I'm just getting excited by looking at this picture just because of the holes and how they are so big. And that smile just tops it all. :D
  12. Ooo Indiana, I have a friend that might go there next year. Thats really great you have it figured out though;) I know, im so EXCITED:dance: Of course im going to take pictures:D You did!!!, I was supposed to get mine out in the summer of 06. That didnt happen:P

  13. Someone give me the link to this interview!! :D
  14. Yeah. I'm going to a college in Indiana. Not too far away from where I live at the moment. Just an hour away. (: But you're going to see Coldplay?! TAKE PICTURES! haha. Get some of Guy and Chris. (; Oh, and another thing I forgot to tell you was I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out maybe a couple of weeks ago. That was the major thing that happened while I was gone from here a bit.

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