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  1. YEAAAA! https://www.coldplay.com/tour/ So pumped for this! Looks like general sale is Oct. 21 - 22. Be sure to register for VerifiedFan for quick access -- From TM: "Registration closes on Sunday, October 17 at 9 P.M. ET, and the Verified Fan Presale begins Wednesday, October 20 at 10 A.M. local time."
  2. Not sure if any other Houstonians remember, but this isn't the first time a hurricane made Coldplay cancel/postpone a show. I remember in 2005, Hurricane Rita came the same week as the Coldplay concert at The Woodlands Pavilion. Also, Coldplay dedicated a song to Houston in Miami during the show tonight, apparently a one-off song they're only playing once. Check out the setlist and the video of the song. I transcribed (roughly) some of the lyrics, and well, I started crying. Hope everyone on this board from H-Town are safe. Dreaming of Houston Oh, I'm dreaming of when I get back to
  3. Harvey's a bummer. Looks like the show is still on, and hopefully doesn't become wash out. Here's the set list for those who don't mind a spoiler alert! https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/coldplay/2017/rogers-centre-toronto-on-canada-be2bdee.html
  4. Got two tickets - Section M, Row 3 ... Near the C-Stage! Map has C-Stage diagrammed out... Nothing open near the runway, but I'm fine with being on the floor and near the C-Stage for the acoustic party!
  5. Use presale code DANCE from Livenation. Not sure if its still good. ETA: From Google - The Live Nation presale code is DANCE and the LN Mobile app password is COVERT. For the Citi cardmember presale, you can try using promo code 412800, but you'll need a Citi card to complete your purchase.
  6. Well I picked up a pair in C335... Not my favorite but at least i'm assured tickets! And mobile definitely was the way to go! Thanks sas_spurs...
  7. Now I'm not getting anything anymore for Dallas. Anyone still seeing available (non-VIP-Arm&Leg) tickets?
  8. I got $179 and they were nose bleed. I didn't pick them up because that's ridiculous...
  9. Don't knock on Philly too hard, it's a pretty fantastic city. #rocky I have a feeling they might do a second tour through the States, a smaller arena tour. At least I hope they do!
  10. Have to say that I'm disappointed they're not playing Houston and chose Jerry World instead... but I'm excited they're playing in Texas! Hoping to catch this show.
  11. Hi Zoeyk! Honestly, it's having some luck, a fast clicking finger, and a fast internet connection. Jump on the ball next time they come through, with presale passwords and when they go on sale. Having accounts set up and already logged in saves some time, and having everything you need (ie. credit card, information, etc.) helps too. However sometimes even with preparation, you can pull the short straw, and get a further seat. But again, really, it just takes some luck and a credit card number, and a fast clicking finger. Good luck next time!
  12. yep!!! I was always the first in line, hahaha. I am doing my own mini-tour. Cheers!

  13. Hey friend! I was at both Coldplay shows volunteering with Oxfam and I think I saw you at the first one. Were you one of the first ones in line? Hope you had a great experience! Are you following Coldplay around the states?

  14. Tonight's the show! I'll be there with Oxfam for Round II, but will be Team Leader this time! Find me at the Oxfam Booth just past the escalators and get some OXFAM information. Be friendly to our volunteers, they have cool Samsung Galaxy Tabs and will take your photo! :)
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