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  1. Now let's try and reach 45000 posts. :wink: After this, only ten left!
  2. "Where everybody's got somebody to lean on.." :heart:
  3. Yeah, sounds (and feels) like ages ago! The man himself is still gorgeous by the way.. Yummm.. /offtopic
  4. Oh god that was so much fun! :escaping: I miss the fun we had.......
  5. Christa, honey!! We're doing absolutely fine, thank you very much! They really are the cutest.. ;-) How are you and your beautiful family doing dear?
  6. Hey Christa! OMG it's really back to the old days! :D
  7. I know, they grow up so fast.. Kyan just turned 4, Thirza is almost 1,5 years old now.. I'm doing very well, thank you. Busy and back in full fan mode after this week with the gigs and stuff. Oceans really stole my heart! And how are you doing dear?! It's been quite a while since we last talked!
  8. 40 hours busdrive from here and you indeed end up in Russia.. I experienced that. ;)
  9. We're going on a holiday to Denmark in six weeks or so. Very much looking forward to that!
  10. Wow Lore, that's one hell of a tour across Europe! Awesome! So when are you in Amsterdam?
  11. Autsj, that hurts! :( Nope, not going to see them soon, still praying for a gig in the Netherlands so I can go...
  12. August 8th. On a friday, and I don't have to work then. Awesome! :p Do I need to go search for a perfect party dress and already ask my mum to babysit? :wink:
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