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  1. OMG cookie! OMG I haven't posted on page 3000 OMG I still have that location... that was totally cute... we're the best group eva! I do love we're still in contact with eachother after all these years...
  2. this thread... used to always be on page one... :whip:
  3. if you wanna laugh: linky that was a lot of fun.. just readig that thread brings back so many memories.. :D ah the good ol days!
  4. alas... I was wrong again... wel that just leaves ink then! *fingerscrossed* for the netherlands :D
  5. only one page left.. remembering a night where we all (well most of us) went into the guy thread and spammed up to 2000 pages that was fun haha christa, you must be so proud of your kids!
  6. if you have time for that Lore, I would love to! let me know when the time comes.. is it me or is this forum really dead?
  7. I got quoted for Vilaweb, in relation to the lyrics hunt and made them shout out coldplaying :D linky don't know if it's true she found the lyrics because of my tweet? that would be awesome!
  8. Thank you, Don't think I was the first though, I guess if you live (near) there you know what that's about... they recently had a night of the haunted(linky) which revers to the 'spooky'
  9. that was me! It's where the Chanel Tunnel starts..
  10. Another clue is up! CLUE 4: Where George paid homage and of which Freddie sang, head to SP-SC. The envelope's being guarded by ACD's Devon dogs… #lyricshunt I think...
  11. I got one too! my regular record store, held one aside for me :heart: but there were enough to go around, they also offer it online now, so maybe check out a participant of record store day near you to see if they offer it online or ships internationally..
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