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  2. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  3. happy birthday!!!!!

  4. do you know whats really weird? your name, considering your are rae, is the same as my nickname and we have the same birthday.

  5. Hi, How are you? You havent been here for a while, but I guess you want to get away abit? But I just wanted to see if you were alright:) Funny thing was I sent the same kinda a message to you before but I got mixed up with the names, RaelikesColdplay to EarthtoRaven,I sent it to someone else:laugh3: Bye See ya.

  6. Hahha, yeah, that's what happened to me a lot. They just don't understand:D Cool, Indiana, Is that a good college? I hope you get to go there.;) Ah man, why cant they weather always be nice?:P

  7. Name:Michelle Age:15 Llocation: I'm a lie, sorry.
  8. Love:P just kidding, i need somebody to help me write music!!! i cant play ANY instruments (yet) and i wrote a song and i like it and i want to hear it!!!! if you can help me, i will PM you the lyrics or something(i warn you, i hate humans at the same time as i am a humanitarian, so its kinda hippy-ish:P)
  9. thanks, but i dont think i can afford the stamps all the time:\ started out sounding fine untill i started thinking shit! i did do a quadruple post!!! do i get a prize? just kidding, i have to thank my computer....for being slow!!!!:veryangry2:
  10. by the way, is dave talking about chris there? sounded like a nice story:P

  11. yay:P thats cool but im sorry you couldnt watch it:bigcry: thanks for the pictures:D theyre nice, i saved 'em how have you been? anything EXCITING!!!

  12. where are there pics of dave?:P i cant believe it!!!! i missed the first hour of the grammys!!!!!!!! I MISSED COLDPLAY:bigcry: what did they win? i saw them win song of the year and best rock album:D i love 'em and it was fun seeing dave on tv:D

  13. thanks:P ill do the same:D

  14. yea, exactly what i meant:) im not sure if its such a good idea anymore though:\
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