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  1. hah omg this is suppperrr late, but happy new year to you too! hahha <3

  2. hahah cool pic merry xmas!

  3. aaw, thanks! the quote is by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. :nice:

  4. i love the quote in your about me btw too ^.^ who is it said by again?

  5. D: does ur avatar happen to be joseph gordon levitt? :D lol

  6. hahhaha ahh i forgot to check this! :O lol ohhh okay thats pretty awesome tho! and omggggg im jealous! lol i forget what i did....it was probably grades :/ apparently were gettting report cards tomorrow and im probably gonna get grounded again! :( lol ahhh school...school is almost over here lol june 23 is when we get out! its kinda far but very close too! lol :) when do you get out?

  7. woooo! i forgot to check this! lol for spring break i went to see this band called 100 monkeys! in it is a guy from twlight lol they were awesome! also with tehm were arden and the kissing club :) arden i loved and the kissing club guy was totally drunk! lol it was fun tho! we were front row! :) ahhh yes i love snow crystals so much! lol i want their cd so bad! :P don quixote? lol i know that name! who is it again? lol

  8. :o Omg i havnt been on in like 2 months.. Sorry for the late reply .. quite busy :( No :lol: Irish is nothing like english. Its the language of Ireland I guess. Some people in ireland dont know it though. But every school in Ireland have to do irish in schoolIts a subject:D. Haha! Omg! My parents don't know what grounded is:lol: Well they do but they dont care :lol: were you being naughty?? :lol: I'm fine just depressed that I have to go back to school in a couple of days ..:(

  9. thats good :) are you doing anything for spring break? i looked and they do have a lot of the songs: http://search.4shared.com/network/search.jsp?sortType=1&sortOrder=1&sortmode=2&searchName=apparatjik&searchmode=2&searchName=apparatjik&searchDescription=&searchExtention=&sizeCriteria=atleast&sizevalue=10&start=0 they have snow crystals, datascroller, in a quiet corner, supersonic sound & electric eye for sure, but i need to listen to them all first :D indeed they are still brilliant no matter what! :heart:which reminds me ...DOn quixote!!

  10. im pretty good! yeah im on spring break now too! :) ahh yeah please do! i wanna have a listen! lol :) oh yeah that is true! its okay if they dont win any awards, we know they are brilliant! ;)

  11. Hahah its fine :)i'm pretty good, i've been gone for a few weeks too..but its my spring break so i'll be on a little more this week ! How are you? yeah i have no idea where to buy it but i'm pretty sure 4shared has most of the songs, if not all. i'll go try that see if it works :) nope they didnt win any brits unfortunately..:\ its alright though i mean vlv was released 2 years ago the fact they were nominated was still decent :D

  12. lol yeah :) and wait...irish? is that like english? please explain :) :) lol and ive been pretty good! ive been grounded..thats why i havent been on but im not grounded anymore so im on now :P how have you been?

  13. haha its okay! sorry i havent been on! ive been grounded :( and those songs are great :) haha yeah i keep looking for their cd but idk where to get it at...you know where? :) yeah i was sad that they didnt win anything either :( did they win any brits? i dont think so..or did they? idk lol ahh i still need to watch that episode..since they were only in it for 20 seconds i missed them :( but ill find it and watch it and see it :) lol how have you been anyways? its been a while lol

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