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  1. Love it! Absolutely love it & wish we could see more great moments like this from the backline. Surely more "while the cats away, the mice will play" footage exists...
  2. Hi Bob, I applied for the 8-July show in Washington, DC a month or so ago, but unlike a few of the Coldplayers above, I didn't receive a confirmation email saying I'd hear back within a few weeks of the show, etc. Although my network acts rather spotty at times, I'm fairly certain my submission went through because I DID receive a confirmation for a future transaction made shortly thereafter. I'd love help out if Oxfam still needs volunteers, but the last thing I want to do is flood the inbox of the person who receives the online applications with duplicates. Any advice? Thanks
  3. Thanks Dianne for once again bringing up "Eye of the Tiger" -- I JUST got it out of my head not three-four hours ago! I have such a love/hate thing with EOTT song too, so I need something else to invade my brain ASAP!
  4. Jason, I was in giggles from seeing you & Dianne nonstop on my computer last night. The camera man loved y'all! Is this your number 1 then over Newcastle & Madrid?
  5. Joana, thank you so much for including my girls in the video! It truly made my Christmas! Thank you!!!

  6. Dianne -- too many characters for twitter! Do you have an Apple I or II? If Apple II, then you can use "Airstream" if your MacBook offers this capability. Unfortunately I do not own a MacBook (only ipad/iphone) so I don't know if this is even offered; but if it is, then you're golden if you have Airstream/Apple II. I WISH we could somehow get the concerts to work via our iphones because if you upgraded to IO5, then you'll automatically have it and this option pops open every single time you watch a video, may it through an embedded file or a website. LMK about the Apple I or II by text or twitter! :D

  7. I'm a little late to the game here but this is my first chance getting to read the reviews from your marvelous adventures! I'm so happy the three of you (and about 63 others) saw the guys perform more than two songs -- it's just too bad I couldn't get a visual feed via your eyeballs since your placements sounds absolutely primo. :rolleyes: I'm afraid the review & pics from the Red Bull/KROQ breakfast of champions, or rather Dianne's breakfast with Mr. Champion will have to wait until tomorrow. I know your pictures are going to be amazing, the stories full of detail; but I also know at
  8. What a nice surprise! Finally, we get a "Guy-centric" article to keep us busy while waiting for MX's official release next week! :dance: I really see this as a two part gift. First part, something for us to enjoy due to the utter lack of solo Guy interview material out there. :laugh3: The second and probably the more fun of two: the hours of entertainment the new article will provide people! Normally one wouldn't consider :computer: research to be all that entertaining, but it's a different story when you're gleaning materials to solve life's ultimate question.... What will better
  9. I chatted by text w/ Dianne this am to to say hi & they hadn't gone in yet. Two seconds later, I see her on my computer monitor! :D
  10. While I'm sure it was a "chalk on the blackboard" moment for you :evil:, I'm actually REALLY happy that they did it this way. Why have an exclusive event filled with people who semi like Coldplay? I got stuck next to some radio contest winners at the ACL taping and it was a pretty miserable experience! :( While I didn't expect them to know all the new songs...say like some of the more enthused :wink3:, at least know the names of their "greatest hits" -- especially if you plan to yell them out on camera! :facepalm:
  11. Chelsea, thank you for being a) proactive, b) incredibly organized and c) generous for sharing this with this rest of us. I created appointments for as many dates I could remember but inevitably I left off a few! :D One thing that comes to mind when looking at this schedule: frequent flyer miles. :o The week of Oct 16th, the guys are racking up with trips from NYC to LAX!
  12. Best of luck to all my West Coast friends! :laugh3: Fingers crossed for all of you! :dance:
  13. Seriously!!! :bomb: :dead: Slap a warning sign next time someone sends out a tweet of this magnitude! I'm operating heavy machinery (my car) at the moment & could've damn near killed myself and about ten others in a matter of seconds!:shocked2: No, in all seriousness I already pulled over to email/take a quick call when this tweet popped up on my phone. I merely meant to dismiss so it wouldn't ding again but wouldn't you know it?!?!? I hit the link instead :wink3: Now yes, it did say "for the ladies" but come on? I wasn't prepped for this AT ALL. :wideeyed: Wow. :o Pleasantly su
  14. Hi everyone ~ late joining the game here for the Midtown Festival but I just found out today that I have tickets (regular, not VIP), so I guess I'm going! :laugh3: I JUST got back from Austin yesterday afternoon, where I saw them perform at the ACL taping and then of course, at the festival. I heard "Up in Flames" and I thought it was brilliant, but I really don't think it will make an appearance on the set list. I would've given my right arm & then some to see the guys perform "Til Kingdom Come" in Texas... Probably for the best they didn't because I was down in front with seve
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