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  1. Hahaha, thats so hard. I'll pass. You think Chris did it that way?
  2. Has anyone painted their Piano Keys like Chris's Piano?? (Reverse Keys) If so, how did you do it? How do i do it without making a mess? Haha! Thanks!
  3. lol. Me neither! And i'm an avid advanced guitar player! ahaha ;) I just don't use pedals that much.
  4. ahhh! Thank you so much! I didn't know what pedals they would be. Thanks!
  5. Its pretty much throughout the song, but you can hear it the best in the beginning, while the EDIT-Harpsichord is playing. I can't really describe the noise, its high & loud. Thats the best i can describe.. :thinking:
  6. Does anyone know that noise thats in Lovers in Japan? I think Jonny plays it on his guitar using a pedal effect. If anyone knows what pedal that is or what instrument that is please tell me! Thanks!
  7. The guitar with "No me Llores" is used for Yellow. It's probably tuned E-A-B-G-B-D#
  8. Hi Laura! I'm Laytin! Good to have one friend on here... lol

  9. Guy's jeans are skin tight, but cool. hahah I definitely want Jonny's cap tho.
  10. everyone, i was the only guy in this Post. hahaha. no, i'm not gay, i love girls. hahaha :)
  11. Yea, it has gotten very trendy. The Sgt. Pepper clothes were the best.
  12. Does anyone else want these clothes?? Cause i know i do! Maybe the band should start a clothing line...
  13. Thanks so much for the small tutorial! :)
  14. Absolutely amazing painted guitars. Does anyone know how to paint a guitar properly just like this?
  15. Chris's GT20 is awesome! He's done so much to it.. I was wondering if anyone knows how they inverted the key's on his piano cause i really want to do that to my piano. Any Suggestions?
  16. Wow, thats amazing.. you have to give like a tutorial dude! I've been thinking about doing that to my guitar but i don't really know where to start. Any suggestions?
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