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  1. Hey sorry I stepped out for a few minutes. the code is: AHFOD9n9zDdayE4

    1. Lynn Weibel

      Lynn Weibel

      Thank you sooooo much!!! You are awesome!!!

    2. iduran20


      You're welcome. Hope you got tickets! :)

  2. I don't know which show you're trying to go to but I would say to just keep trying! Many good seats are still appearing for at least the San Diego show.
  3. Does anybody still need a presale code? Edit: Given to Lynn.
  4. Dang some just came up in Floor A7 row 23 but they're more off to the side...and I'm pretty close to the B stage now...ahhh what to do... Edit: Now Floor A8 Row 8. So there are definitely many still available for those still looking.
  5. This was so stressful. :wreck: But I got two seats in B3 Row 10 so next to the B-Stage as well. They were definitely very expensive! :bigcry: Although I would have a blast even far away...this stadium is enormous!!
  6. Will there be an opening act, what do you guys think? Typically they've been announced with the tour announcement in the past right?
  7. Got tier seats for the second show! :D Floor for the night before, so I'm happy with these even if I'm way up high, and I'll have a different perspective to take in the whole show. Sec.19H row 69 Wow can't believe I'm seeing them twice in one weekend!! I can't wait for August! :dance:
  8. My experience from being on a seated floor is that people usually just stand the whole time. Sometimes during slower or less popular songs people do sit down. You can see the stage and the performers better when everyone is sitting but who sits at a concert??? lol I sure don't like to. So people just stand and I always hope there's no one really tall right in my line of view. There's about as much space as there would be in the tiers between your seats and the ones in front of you.
  9. Well if you return them you'll for sure get face value back for them. :) I think the concert will eventually sell out though, especially after the Superbowl. I just noticed, does anyone else's shipping details on ticketmaster say Canadian Standard Mail??? haha found it weird...I don't live in Canada. :shrug:
  10. I think it appears I just got very lucky! :) They're not VIP, I wasn't willing to spend that much no matter how much I wanted to be closer, I've got school books to buy. lol
  11. Sorry I didn't mean to sound as if i were ungrateful for them...I really am happy that I was able to get them! :) I was just upset that they cost so much and the only way to be in the front was if you were willing to pay the ridiculous amount.
  12. Keep trying...I had success on the mobile app! Well I wanted something closer still. But I got Floor G. I had first bought Floor Q but I'm not going to keep those. Before that 4L and something-H had appeared but let them go in hopes of something better. This was sooo stressful.
  13. Hmm..maybe, but I have no idea. I just don't understand why it would be such a difference from the European tour..assuming a GA ticket for a ticket there is around $150 USD, it's 5-6x more here just to try to be at the front.
  14. I'm so disappointed in the Coldplay team who decided these prices/stage layout. :( I'm guessing it will be the same thing at the Rose Bowl once it goes on sale...when U2 played there it was not as ridiculously priced as this and there was GA.
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