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  1. Well if you call being passed out drunk sleeping, then yeah he's asleep. That pic just makes me sad. Where were his mates to take him home and prevent the assholes from taking the pics and his shoes!
  2. It's not really a "private" photo as its Mrs berryman's Facebook profile pic. it's not like snooping thru her photo albums and posting stuff from there like I've seen done in this thread before. Thank goodness most of the family and friends have set their pictures to private so that doesn't happen as often now
  3. ^ I found that on coldplay France. You can see the tag on it upper right corner Edit: they always have excellent photos not sure what event it's from though
  4. You're not stopping any rumors with your cryptic posts. The only rumor heard in here lately was that Guy's engaged, and you haven't said anything in here to confirm or deny that. How about we get back to admiring the man himself and leave the rumors to the tabloids. I don't know why I find that vein running down the middle of his arm sexy as hell but :sweatdrop:
  5. Ahh thanks. Chris you silly rabbit, next time say hey here's Nico's dad!
  6. ^uh why is that? I mean it's true, but why?
  7. One of Roadie 42s blogs hold on I'll get a link ... http://www.coldplay.com/newsdetail.php?id=450&page=0
  8. Truth of the matter is NONE of us know what kind of man Guy is. We can speculate all we want. We glean tidbits from interviews, but who is exactly the same at 24 as they are at 34? Interests and tastes change and what we think we know about Guy is probably all wrong anyway. Now as far as his love life is concerned, I'll admit I was taken aback at how young his current gf is, but hey it's not my life to lead. He could be bi, or gay but who cares, I guess because he hasn't shouted from the rooftops, "I like women" people will assume what they will. I wish him all the best in his life and I'm s
  9. She doesn't. I've been following her for 3 yrs, she's not a twitter whore :P
  10. I am groovy, just groovy girl! How is everything in your life? Soooo I see you got to see the boys again, how were they? Brilliant of course and I would've killed to hear Warning Sign live again! I'm hoping for a stop in Vegas sometime during this tour, I'm not traveling to see them this year. Eventhough I have strong feelings of dislike for MX I'd love to see them again lol. Anywho I hope you're doing well and I'll chat at ya later!

  11. How are you, girl?

  12. Caroline!!!! Long time girl! Anyway love love love the pics but the last one looks like Guy is looking right at you :dead:
  13. LOL yes, on occasion I do! I've gone back to lurker status for the most part :P. I do remember you Erick right? I'm Jenn. I should be asking you that same question. I hardly see anyone that used to post in here all the time around anymore
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