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  1. yeah rain is not cool indeed. la nina is a girl, isn't it? :) but yeah i get it's some kind of air condition, does la nina happen every year?

  2. everything's quite good, i'm studying, but also trying to find time to rest and have fun. :) yes, the weather here is getting colder and colder, it was snowing a few days ago, and soon we will have the winter season and i'm really excited. what about you and your weather?:D

  3. i'm good too ;) i missed you :blush:

  4. hii, what's up? how are you?

  5. hahaha what a funny opinion :uhoh:
  6. And otherwise. That's an amazing feature.
  7. Yeah well that's horrible and indefensible. But religion isn't believing in priests, or is it? I know it's terrible teaching others how to behave and not following the same rules themselves. But we are all human and priests are human too and they can make terrible things too. But I believe in God, and if some priests go crazy, it's their business. And I think people shouldn't confuse the whole idea of religion and the way some religious people act. And sorry I don't understand why he shouldn't be a believer because of the Holocaust.
  8. ^Yeah, I understand that. Sometimes religious people can be really annoying, but that doesn't mean all religion is stupid. Plus I think some priests also lack of spirituality or the way to interest people.. :uhoh: ^^And are you talking about killings which happened nowadays or many years ago?
  9. Sorry, Carlos, but oh you insulted me here. :angry: You think that religious people are dumb, please, don't be narrow minded. You think I never thought about things you wrote here? I discussed about that with theologians, philosophers, atheists and like that, I even took interest in various different religions... I have my own religion and I'm not even crazy about that, I just like spirituality in my life. My eyes are not closed and anything. If you have questions about religion and it's irrationality, go and make a research and don't call religious people weak minded. Thank you. :)
  10. My watch is a day behind, but I didn't fix it.
  11. Hiii! yeah how did you guess? :lol: this week was really great, i had so much good time!... but I'm planning to start working... however I think work should be great too! :D I'm so happy right now! How are you??

  12. however... a word leant also exists....:uhoh:
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