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  1. Black Dog


    "Magic" audio streaming here for non-YouTube accessible folks Just came across this blog that's streaming the audio from "Magic" without needing YouTube, this was very helpful for me as YouTube is blocked at my workplace :D http://www.music411blog.com/2014/03/coldplay-announce-new-album-ghost.html?m=1
  2. Still waiting on my Blu-Ray/CD. Got the lithograph yesterday, it is shit.
  3. Still nothing for me :( Midwest USA
  4. Pre-ordered the Blu-Ray/CD/Lithograph--haven't received any of it nor an email confirming shipment. Has anyone from the US received any part of their order?
  5. Swallowed in the Sea is a favorite sing along for me
  6. I wouldn't pay that price for something that could so easily be fake. I mean...
  7. :o thanks, how did I miss all those!
  8. Just thought we could make a thread for keeping up with xyloband listings on eBay in case anyone needs to purchase one or several of these. Right now I only see one listing
  9. For a while I was using the panorama shot from the concert I attended, that was cool.
  10. I wish there was some kind of filter for seeing the forum without the Lounge Games--I hate going to new posts and having to wade through fourteen counting threads to find something actually of value.
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