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  1. Checking in from Maui. Just downloaded App via slow hotel wi-fi
  2. Anyone know exactly where on the Sony Pictures lot? Don't want to waste precious time asking people who don't know, on day of show. Parking in the structure off Overland? Any details would be most helpful.
  3. Bowl Show #2 I concur with the above reviews... just a stunning show, the complete package at the Bowl. The Old Lady had a fresh coat of graffiti and was looking pretty sharp tonight. I was seated in the back row of the Terrace boxes, just off center, and how lucky was that? Just 10 feet across the walkway from the C stage, as it turned out. We were just screaming!!! The Bowl is not my favorite venue, just due to its largesse... seems like it extends into the hill for miles, but Coldplay owned the room, so to speak. They do so much for the fan experience, when really, all they hav
  4. um, why does Coldplay, darn near the most popular band in the world, even need an opening act? I wish they would play a 2 hour show, but if they are intent on doing only 90 minutes, ok.... I can live with that. I really have no interest in any opening act.
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