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  1. I remember that we got 3 songs with Rihanna instead of 2 (Princess of China + Umbrella) because of a technical problem during Princess of China. Chris said : "Yeah, one more song with Rihanna !" That was so great ! :P I'm pretty proud indead. The fact of being a country chosen by Coldplay for a dvd is crazy ! :) I also remember Phil Harvey who said on twitter : "paris - loudest sexiest crowd of the whole tour. you're going to look so beautiful in the film" :lol: I often ask "Coldplay in my garden/house" for my birthday! :lol: That must be wonderful to meet them. :) I cross my fingers ! Apparently it happens when you just don't expect it.

  2. Hi ! Happy New Year ! :) It's snowing these days. I love snow! :P It begins to melt. :laugh3: You're right. I remember my first gig. I spent the whole concert with my mouth wide open, thinking "That's amazing" or dancing (that's pretty rare because I'm hate dancing, I'm so bad :lol:) and singing/screaming youuuyou (a kind of French yihaaa :lol:). At the end of the gig, I was in shock. I was like : "Ok, that's the best concert I've ever seen in my life !" I was in such a state that I've reheard the Oh oh oh oh oh of the crowd for 2 days. :lol: I did feel like a child. So magic ! :P I saw the film in my cinema (and then in dvd) and that was really moving. I kept thinking : "I was there !" And that was pretty funny to see cameras floating above the crowd.

  3. Aww I'm sorry it's so cold there! I love hot weather so I think I'll stay in Australia haha :lol: But at least it's getting warmer. It's funny thinking I'm drinking cocktails while you're snuggled up in the freezing cold! Oh awesome! There really isn't anything quite like seeing them live. Most certainly a blessing to even get to see one. If you aim high and keep dreaming one day you'll meet them. I didn't think I'd even get to be that close to them and ended up meeting three of them. But you were in the Coldplay film!! That's certainly something worth being proud of! Lucky girl! :cheesy: Anyway yes, I hope you had a great Christmas and have a splendid New Year too! :heart:

  4. Hi April ! I do love your gifts, thank you again. I prefer the boomark because I'm a bookworm ! :) I was pretty jealous when I saw that it was so hot in your country. We are in winter and it was -2°C when I got your letter... :laugh3: And I was like : "Gosh, she's drinking cocktails on the beach!!! I want to go there !" Fortunately, it's getting warmer. I have seen the band 4 times. Once in London and my other coldplayic gigs were in Paris (I was in the Stade the France for the dvd :P ). The MX tour has been wonderful. I've become a fan only since Viva la Vida but I can say that I'm a super coldplayic. :) My biggest dream is to meet the band but I haven't had the opportunity so far. You're really lucky ! I have never been to Australia but I have to admit that I would like to go there. It looks great ! I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. :)

  5. Hi Elodie! :) Thought I'd just send you a quick message to say I'm glad you liked your gift! Sorry for the seriously late reply, I've been really busy with Coldplay stuff since the tour! :D But I hope you have a lovely Christmas and all the best of luck for the New Year :) April xx

  6. I've received today a wonderful package and a card from Australia ! :) My gifts : a kangaroo pin, a bookmark with koalas, australian flag stickers, a key ring with a kangaroo a coldplayic picture, a little butterfly and confetti. Thank you so much April (viva-la-coldplay)! Your gifts are lovely. Thank you for that and for the MX confetti because I've only managed to get one so far.
  7. BOOOONJOUUUUR !!!! J'ai commandé sur internet via le site officiel. On verra. ;) J'ai pris la collection complète. Et au fait, regardez ce que j'ai reçu il y a quelques semaines.... J'avais envoyé une lettre à Laurie pour lui dire que j'étais triste de ne pas avoir eu d'autographe de lui après son concert du Grand Rex (vu qu'il était parti comme un voleur lol)... Donc bref, en plus de lui dire que je l'adorais (comme tout fan quoi ;) ), je lui ai demandé un autographe. C'est la classe, hein ? :heart: Je suis troooop fière ! :laugh3: Quand je pense que ma mère m'a sorti : "Bah,
  8. C'est sur France O, la cérémonie. :) Y'a un documentaire avant. Normalement, ça commence à 21h30 hf.
  9. Ah oui, la fameuse dépression post coldplayique... :lol: Qu'est-ce que c'était bien ! Je veux un autre concert ! :dance:
  10. Here are some of my videos : Glowbands [ame= ] [/ame] In my place [ame= ] [/ame] Princess of China [ame= ] [/ame] Viva la vida [ame= ] [/ame] Umbrella [ame= ] [/ame]
  11. Yep, they played it TWICE. I may be mistaken, but I think I heard it once and they they restarted it in Paris.
  12. The show was amazing. And apparently, this gonna end on a dvd... :heart: My pictures are not very good, I was quite far. :) I was sure Rihanna would be there as I heard she was in Paris. And when POC started, I knew I was right. :heart: With two glowbands, the result was quite impressive. Really magic. They had to restart Princess of China. Rihanna had to leave the stage and then reappeared. And Chris was like "Yeah ! One more song with RIHANNA ! " When Rihanna sang Umbrella, that was really cool. Chris sang some of the "ella" parts. They played Paradise twice too ! Look at w
  13. Bonjour ! Je participe au projet Imagine aussi. Ca fait rêver. :heart: Un meet & Greet, un repas avec eux et la rencontre sera filmée pour la télé et internet. Non seulement on vivra quelque chose de dingue mais en plus ça va rester dans l'histoire ! :dance: J'ai trop envie de gagner pour enfin rencontrer mon groupe. :dance:
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