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  1. I'm happy that they at least opted for a large stadium instead of doing small venues like the Hollywood Bowl. Thank the Lord. I saw them at the Home Depot Center in 2009 and they had a pit. They really NEED to have one here for the Rose Bowl or I'll be so disappointed.
  2. To each their own, and I respect your opinion, even if I disagree to an extent. I feel there are fundamental distinctions between Germany, with an unfortunate history of oppressing, and say communities of countries with very salient history of being oppressed. I feel that if you took a walk in my shoes you'd get where I'm coming from a little better if you struggle to see my point is all. :) Glad we had this talk!
  3. They probably dont have any of the gear from previous eras, have prepared for their AHFOD tour at least in terms of stage preparations so they just decided to go with it.
  4. Ohhhh gosh yes! Hurts Like Heaven was so disappointing to my ears as well. :( Ughhh And the live version of Us Against the World was MIIIILES ahead of the studio version. Thinking of MX production just makes me very, very sad altogether :(
  5. Haha yes indeed! Ain't no shame in my game. Seriously though, its a very legitimate concern not only from be but many other South Asian friends of mine who happen to be die hard Coldplay fans. There are many bands out there that have properly implemented South Asian music/culture into their work in a respectful fashion. Death Cab for Cutie did it well with their track Pity and Fear with the usage of tablas, and Bombay Bicycle Club did it seamlessly with "Feel," where they sampled a very old Bollywood track. Their music video was of a South Asian wedding and every person in that video was D
  6. Well that was disappointing lol. The wreaths of flowers are called "haars" in Hindi/Urdu. The script written on the amplifiers is just "Coldplay" written in Hindi Devanagri script. source: me. I'm South Asian and have studied Hindi/Urdu enough to understand that that read Coldplay lol :) Here's to hoping there's no white man cultural appropriation debacle in the works. I'd hate for that to happen with my favorite band. IHeartRadio crowd sucks, it wouldn't have felt right for them to release a new song with such a weak response. On to the next. I would also prefer they r
  7. I love that they brought back some crescendos, and piano/acoustic guitar. And actual drums! In the beginning I got a little wary with that basic electronic clap Will had going on and was like omg no please not anymore we had an entire album of this but when he started playing his organic drums again it felt nice; I still need more from him though. And Jonny's signature guitar sound. I love the dark chord they jumped to at the 1:51-1:55 point, I wish they brought that back near the end again, that was definitely one of my favorite parts of this song, especially the verses. You can tell thi
  8. Really? The first one? I still thoroughly dislike Princess of China, Up in Flames, and Another's Arms. I think those songs just did not cut it for them, not at all. I guess we can respectfully disagree. I think our boys have reached that point where quite frankly my dear, they really don't give a damn about what critics say anymore. You don't go off making Ghost Stories worrying about critics anymore haha. It could be considered both a good and bad thing.
  9. LOL YO THAT WAS ME! I haven't watched any of the videos of the performances yet but I might look for myself as that guy jumping up and down. I was absolutely LOSING it when they were doing A Whisper, I don't think too many people understood the significance of that until Chris pointed it out afterwards. I caught on to the F Chord Chris strummed for Don't Panic and I totally knew what they were going to play before anyone else. The people around me were like :dozey: until they found out. I have such an insane story for yesterday. I'm pretty sure its one of those days I can tell my future ki
  10. Still sad because no tickets. An intimate Coldplay show has been my DREAM :(
  13. I was SO BUMMED that I couldn't go to the Sony Studios shows. I go to UCLA so to know that there's a chance to see my favorite band in an intimate gathering the NIGHT of their album release ON CAMPUS would be such a dream come true. Fingers crossed. Getting nervous every day. :\
  14. Felt incomplete. Ending the song with the lyrics "to tell you your're chosen" didn't come off good at all. I hope the album has more for it I love the music. I do wish Will did more, though. All of these songs make it seem like Will is holding back on so much. Part of the reason why I'm usually so adamantly against electronic drumming Lyrics I didn't like as much initially but I do like the first verse a lot more now, it grew on me. Especially after Another's Arms. I hope this is just a preview of an excerpt of this song, because it feels very unfinished. I appreciate the attempt
  15. The music is amazing, but the lyrics are rubbish. I tuned in on the streaming for the concert and my streaming skipped, it restarted while he repeated the "your body on my body" line and I was astonished. I hope this is not a recurring issue with this album, where the music is promising and makes you feel something but then the lyrics just frustrate you because they're so bad. This is no where near Yes, that song was brilliant, both music and lyrics combined. This just might be the worst song Chris has ever written lyrically in my eyes in recent years. So disappointed. When the music
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