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  1. No, the old site owner, Ian, gave it to me. It was on an inactive account from like 15 years ago that never posted. I just asked nicely, didn't think I'd seriously get it.
  2. Lost a lot of letters and postcards from Coldplaying, like easily over half of them, but managed to keep these. Does anyone have any postcards I have sent over the years? (Diana)
  3. damn i feel hella new now hi aj <3 honestly im not sure, sometimes reilly, emily, kat, or thalia are on, but it seems like its just coincidence if they are :(
  4. *casually shows my support for silicone menstrual cups* :nod:
  5. yep, i agree. but i meant, there's never been so many submovements and different group interpretations of feminism that actually had a place for discussion, i mean. like, i can't imagine sex-positive feminism or trans feminism or radical feminism or black feminism or intersectional feminism having as much momentum a few decades ago, let alone "the early days" i agree that the internet makes things look more polarized because you can have a seperate discussion for everything etc. but at the same time, what is the face of modern feminism? what ideals do you think of to generalize it all? the
  6. in all seriousness, it's a pretty big problem that everyone scoffs at "modern feminism", because, you know, it was good in the past and now it's bad i mean, the thing about "modern feminism" is that it has so many submovements and perspectives within it that there's hardly much overlap. which is both a major plus and a major flaw, but still. it's just kind of ironic and ridiculous that "modern feminism" can be unified in to one thing at a time where it's never been so un-unified before. there is a huge movement called equity feminism that works on lifting both men and women (and other g
  7. i'm just gonna put out that my post was satire before one of you who have a hard time with humor lash out
  8. hahaha eh, well, not "modern feminist", just one of many subsets of a movement that is very easy to caricaturize
  9. greg you're a really nice guy but i want you to know that you are a man so i hate you
  10. Bread <3 i have you on facebook but this still feels weird haha because we haven't talked in so long! i might be mistaken but you're getting married now, right? omg that's wonderful :wacky: i am, thanks! i'm finishing up high school (i think you're one year ahead of me, so already graduated? congrats btw) and i'm realizing that i don't want to go into electrical engineering at all and all the fields i do like will likely make me very poor :nice: but that's ok because i'm really excited !!! erm, you can't get any better than sherlock jr, it's on netflix and just a bit over half an h
  11. :smash::smash::smash::smash::smash: i knowwww mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the good old days, huh :smoking: why are you all saying i wouldn't remember you like i have the attention span of a insect or smth i do remember you keaton haha. how have you been? i've been having a big buster keaton netflix marathon this weekend haha so your name reminded me of that. have you seen any old buster keaton films? me too, every once in a while i go and am shocked that it's not dead yet to be fair you have a weird alien time zone that none of us are ever up for, so it would've been h
  12. yeah i know, i can't believe tc is still alive after almost 2 years omg i still talk to anette and greg every day on skype, idk if you guys have skype i remember you! when you used to be the master. i think we did talk a bit, either way i remember you how are you? how come you're still here? :P awwwww rennie, i do miss you so so much i hope you're doing well. i really miss talking to you :(
  13. i live in LA (sneers at you) kidding hahaha, i'm hoping i can visit there soon, there is so much rich culture and interesting things to see, but perhaps when it's not so cold :embarrassed: it used to be dee, yeah haha i asked ian jokingly if he could change my name to coldplay, and i woke up one morning and my login wasnt working and he ACTUALLY changed it hahaha i'm 17 :) you?
  14. i do remember you christa, no worries! good to see you around :) what have you been up to? hi afi, i'm dee. i remember you from viva and mx era which is when i spent a lot of time on here. yeah i joined when i was 11 or 12... that's so young omg. and thanks! i think it's so odd that the off-topic section of the forums are so quiet now!
  15. omg hi! i don't think i ever talked to you personally much but i do remember you! what's your name again, if i may ask? and hi thalia, we're talking on tinychat right now :P
  16. Heyyyy who remembers me!!! Where is everyone, hey remember X, Y, and Z those were good times huh................... yeahhh... gooood times :smug: Remember the old crew, A, B, C, D, and E oh yeah I miss them so much Yeah so let's talk for a few posts about things that happened 5 years ago to alienate new members. Then this thread can die and another idiot who doesn't go on here anymore can make another thread like this in a month or two
  17. omg i'll link him to this thread but i doubt it'll do much as he has had very intense work schedules lately... maybe someone else should take lead of the project... either way we don't really need a leader, someone who wants to just ask for questions and make a video and a mod can edit it in the first post
  18. didn't we just talk on fb? or was that someone else

  19. omg hi carla

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