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  1. Rad, that you're fine! I'm out again, have a cool day! :)

  2. :P Weil du noch so jung bist, das gibt sich mit dem Alter. :awesome: Kommt per pm!

  3. :hug: :wacky::wacky::wacky: Ich weiß, deswegen bin ich auch gleich wieder weg. Obwohl es mir eigentlich ein bißchen einerlei wäre, weil ich letzten Endes nicht wirklich scheinheilig bin. :P

  4. Oh man, Laryngitis! hatte ich auch diesen Winter....Gute Besserung!!! Es amüsiert mich gerade eher, soo langweilig ist mir. :P Danke! :blush:

  5. Hey Tammi! Hope you're fine? Please note, that my name is never ever shortened to Val. :P

  6. :wacky: Ooooh, was hast Du denn? Alles ok bei mir. Habe mich gerade gelangweilt, und jetzt wieder das....:disappointed:

  7. Wie geht's Dir ? :wideeyed::nice:

  8. i far too much get what you mean. :freak:

  9. paul, you're online! how are you doing??? i'm out again now, but would love to know anyway.

  10. hey hi :wideeyed::nice: :dance::dance::dance:

  11. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLPeQ9U_f-0"]YouTube- LCD Soundsystem - All I Want[/ame]

  12. Danke für Dein Happy Birthday.

  13. Thank you.:)

  14. Thanks for having had happy- birthdayed me! :cheesy:

  15. Haha, yeah, youtube told me. I'm a lousy fan then, I do like Sigur Rós a lot actually. Gotta go now, have a cool week, William.:)

  16. Hm, a bit maybe, when I had the beard. Who is he? Google doesn't tell.

  17. Into the corner Heinrich, you pathetic little sack.:p

  18. Yep, I did. It wasn't important I guess, nevermind. :nice: Your profile looks nice!

  19. Warum so irritiert?:P

  20. Oh no, that's a difficult time. I hope he'll be back safe and sound!

  21. It's ok man, we have massive misunderstandings, but you won't get at this point. And beware of such melodramatic and sweeping comments as in your last message, they don't ever help too, just like mockery. See you. :)

  22. Well, I think it's not gonna lead anywhere. So my friend will go to hell, because God is so superficial, that he doesn't see a man's virtue, just because that man loves a man. How very bewildering. Hm, you are still young, I do hope that one day day you'll start thinking for yourself, instead of plead by a book, that was written by human beings some thousand years ago. Thank you for your honesty though, it takes some guts to say such unpopular stuff, I think.

  23. So you do think it's against God? That is sad, man. I really think God is so much bigger than what you want to reduce him to. One of my gay friends is like the most wonderful person you can imagine, he's great and mature and full of love for all creatures, he is not against God, and God cannot possibly be against him. And what about my Jesus question? But anyway, it's your opinion, and I hope you'll grow up one day.

  24. Oh ok, I see... That's a classic argument. But still those people exist, so how do they exist, when God didn't want them to? Do you think Jesus wouldn't have liked his friends, if they had been gay? And I really want to accept , that you think what's written down in the Bible is meant to be taken 100 % literally. But it's hard, Shane. :disappointed:

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