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  1. I'm a bit late. Hopefully you found it. Outside the met life gate. There is a vip nation tent
  2. I am hoping to be there as soon as doors open. I'm taking a shuttle bus from Redd's Restaurant down the road...hopefully they offer an early drive
  3. I'm following all the posts from Saturday's show but I'm going to Sunday's show. I can't wait!!!! So excited.
  4. So right - I am frustrated by the change in set up, but I am trying to keep it in perspective. I still am getting to see Coldplay live!!!!
  5. Also, I'm mad at myself because when I bought the ticket originally, I was further to the right in my row, but then saw an empty seat at the end and decided to swap the seat to be closer to the B/C stage. If I had have kept that original ticket I would likely be much closer to the catwalk. I tried to call and swap my seat just now, but they said they can't do anything for me as there's nothing available.
  6. If you are facing the stage, seat one starts at the right of the section. I'm in seat 20 something at the left end of the row. But in the original set up that was only a few seats over from the left side stage. I wish they still had the map that showed the individual seat numbers so we could see exactly where the row is split, but it sure doesn't look even from the seating pic now.
  7. I am so disappointed! I'm not alone on that I'm sure. I had paid extra for my seat in section 7 and had arranged it so I was at the end of the row, closer to one of the other stages/catwalk. Now with this change I'm not close to any catwalk or stage. :(
  8. I wish I was going to both shows! But I only decided to go after the first show had sold out. I am telling myself that the second show will be better because they'll have worked out all the kinks from the night before with the new stage set up. LOL. Am I wrong? Or is the set up for this show different than the others they've had so far this tour?
  9. Beat me to it - I was coming here to say the same thing! Tomorrow I'll start counting the days instead of months! Can't wait!!!!
  10. Agreed - I was glad to see Birds on the setlist as I want to hear that one live for sure!
  11. Two months from today! I am excited - the count down is on!
  12. I wondered the same thing. I asked on a different thread and the reply I got was that they didn't think they worked because they would have been set up to respond to a different radio transmitter thing. But I'm still curious to know if anyone has actually tried...
  13. I had the same thoughts as you going into this tour. I saved my income tax refund and thought "this is for Coldplay". I had been holding out for a Toronto or Montreal show, but since nothing has been announced I decided to travel to the States. I really wanted to be on the floor this time because I was on the sides (top of the lower section) for MX and wanted the floor experience. But then when tickets went on sale I realized that for almost $200 I would only get back of the floor. It seems most venues are about $175 for lower bowl and back of floor, then $500 for middle VIP section and
  14. I'm not sure if this has been discussed already, but I am wondering if we know if the MX xylobands work for this tour?
  15. I broke down today and bought one of the cheaper VIP seats. (section 7) Feeling a little sick over the price, but I figured if I was coming all the way from Canada then I needed to make it worth my while. Plus, if I drive instead of fly, that $ could go towards a better seat at the show.... I am super excited to finally have purchased some tickets to this tour instead of waiting for them to come to Canada!
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