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  1. Nope...time to sleep;) Later...
  2. So were talking about cultural clashes here. As I'm from the UK;)
  3. There are worse things you can call someone;) Come on...you guys should chill a bit.
  4. Peoria... He he. Meant people;)
  5. Yeah, demos (especially in the modern age) often have a lot more raw energy and emotion than the final version of a song. Can often sound too perfect, sterile and and soulless (not saying this is the case with Coldplay). But demos often speak to people on a different level. That's why peoria often love recordings from the early days, cause they still had this raw emotion (and some mistakes) left. R
  6. If you would have followed this thread at least for a day you would have had these demos. But too late mate...sorry;) Alternatively ask Pajaro, cause hell probably give them too you anyway.
  7. I actually recorded one last night myself. You can have that one too if you want. Just me and a piano;) It doesn't get better...
  8. Ha ha...that made me laugh;) Is it forbidden to give eachother compliments in the 'coldplaying world'?
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