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  1. Linus there is some one selling 2 tickets on the world tour chat thread for Manchester
  2. Thanks but I need them for the Saturday Peter
  3. What a rip off - £170 each!!! Ticketmaster should not be allowed to do this.
  4. I'm looking for seated tickets for Saturday 4 June in Manchester. Ticketmaster still have 'platinum' tickets for sale. What a rip off. These are £170 each. It's so wrong that they can do this and set their own prices based on market forces. This is totally pricing out true fans.
  5. I'm looking for 2 seated tickets - can anyone help? Thanks
  6. Hi there - I'm still looking for 2 tickets for Manchester on Saturday 4 June. If you can help please let me know. Thanks.
  7. Neil Crompton - Ah I'm sorry - I can't do a swap. I'm being greedy and want to go both nights [emoji4]
  8. What time (gmt) will they be on? Watching from the uk but no idea how long the first half of play is.
  9. Hi there - are these still available? If so I am interested. I have tickets for 5th June but I want to go on 4th June too!
  10. Hi there - I am still looking for 2 tickets for Manchester for 4 June. I have tickets for 5th June but want to go on 4th too!!!!
  11. I'm looking for 2 tickets for Saturday 4 June - Manchester. Can anyone help?
  12. Hi girls and guys. I'm getting excited now. Train tickets from Manchester booked and will get in to Euston at around 4pm. We have stage seats. Do you think we will see the back of the band? I would love them to play Warning Sign.
  13. I'm there on the 2 July!!! Aw never mind. Yes - so relieved to finally get tickets after all the waiting and disappointment. Enjoy the first gig!!
  14. Oldiefan - I've managed to book a room at the Premier Inn so may see you there! Coldplay party after the gig???!
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