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  1. I've always thought Clocks and Speed of Sound are very similar and I was wondering which of the two you like best! My preference is probably Speed of Sound.
  2. Oh gosh the pianist is one of my favorite movies everrr.
  3. Choose any Coldplay song to fit any movie of your choice! Specify scenes if possible. Mine: Garden State- Probably several scenes could either fit nicely with parachutes or gravity.
  4. tartpops

    Hi :))

    Hey! Lovers in Japan.. could be a pun :)
  5. tartpops


    bump. seriously, how did no one watch this yet? it's hysterical!!
  6. tartpops


    just watch. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww3GTNv9hHk&feature=related]YouTube - GI Joe PSA - Body Massage[/ame] :laugh3:
  7. Good morning my fellow veggie :lol: So, you're a Coldplay fan AND a vegetarian? Than you must be a GREAT person :lol:! So nice to meet you! Have a nice day :nice:

  8. Hahahaha well you'd better pay the guy a visit so YOU can travel all over with them too :laugh4: !!
  9. Fellow vegetarian! Hellooo ;)

  10. I <3 vegetarianism!! Recipes... well let's see. I love, love, love spaghetti squash. It's basically just a squash "gutted" to look like very thin noodles with a tomato sauce/marinara over it. Tastes exactly like spaghetti, it's just something different :) plus it's healthier. Let's see if I can find a recipe... http://www.fabulousfoods.com/index.php?option=com_resource&controller=article&category_id=224&article=19943
  11. Random Coldplay thought: My Coldplay concert was the best start to the best summer during the best days of my life. It seriously all went uphill from there, and I listened to Coldplay non-stop for basically 3 months.. not that I don't STILL listen to them nonstop.. it was just more so then :)
  12. Who can beat Chris's outfits in the Viva era... seriously!
  13. Why thank you! I've had it for months and I love it to death.

  14. Haha your avatar made me lol.. juuuusttt sayin :)

  15. Hahahahaha who the hell posted the thing about the sex bracelets? How old are we? You could probably find the sashes, ahem, at some sort of craft store. As far as the gaffers tape for your fingers... well you can find that just about anywhere :) I've caught myself pulling apart some red gaffers tape for my finger several times, I'll admit.
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