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  1. Whomever is my match, can you please DM me ? Santa told me that my match sent something at the start of this month but i haven't received anything yet. Maybe i can help with the tracking.
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone on here. Hope you all have a wonderful time with your friends and family. My match received the gift on 21st but santa tells me she is in different city. Kind of worried about the chocolates. Spread the love.
  3. Very excited!! Got a few ideas for this year but will wait to customize till i get my match. Yet to receive my match for this year. Very anxious and excited.
  4. Hi Everyone, I know it's awfully late but anyone know who my match was ? I didn't received anything so i don't know who was my match.
  5. I'm stuck with some details regarding my match. Custom department has put it on hold :( Santa was last seen on 23rd Nov. Do anyone know how to contact Santa for some additional details on my match ? It is kind of urgent..
  6. Hey, been part of this for the past two years and loved every bit of it. I'm definitely in. Woohoo!!!
  7. Glad to be your first secret santa :) Since i have already written a lot in the letter, it is great to be the reason for someone's smile on christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone
  8. Hey Santa, Could you please reveal who is my santa so i could send them a personal thank you message ?
  9. Hey Ilara, I just got the courier from work. It's the best gift ever. You are the best Santa :D I love it. Love absolutely everything about it. Thanks a million for the effort you have put into it. It means a lot to me. Loved the personalized CD and the handmade Viva la Vida jacket. It's the cutest gift everrrrrr. I will try and post the pics online later. I hope you get all the happiness and even more than you have given to me. @Santa: Could you help me with the username of my secret santa ?
  10. *starts countdown* In In In
  11. Whoa already 131 registrations. I'm in
  12. I'm definitely going to frame the portrait and hang it in my room. Strawberry swing is a song of hope and whenever I'll see your painting, it'll give me hope. So thank you again.

  13. Hey biarocan :) Got your mail today. It is the best gift ever. Specially loved the hand made portrait "Strawberry Swing" . Words are not enough to thank you. It made me so so happy. Also, the post cards, the lyrics were a great touch. To sum up, I love it. I love that the gifts are so pure. So much effort you have put into them. I'm definitely going to frame the portrait and hang it in my room. Thanks you very very much. Hope you get to read this. Also, if you allow, i would like to write back.
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