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  1. A question on the tuning of the guitar. As it is E A B G B D# the order is C D E F G A H C, right? where H is B... so that means that I have du tune my "D" in E A D G B E down by 4 steps to B? Thanks in advance.
  2. *push* somehow found them out myself by alot of trying, but still doesnt sound original ^^
  3. well I figured the song out myself, thanks for the tuning tip, this would have been next to impossible for me to see / hear!
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNtkOSuck2M&feature=watch-vrec]Warning Sign - Coldplay Live Sessions @ AOL - YouTube[/ame] sorry for pulling up... I dont know a lot about chords, but can anyone be so kind and at least try to tell which chords chris uses? And perhaps if there is a string tuned down or up. Thanks in advance! Hubie
  5. Hi there, only found some minor chords on ultimate-guitar.com for this one, hope you can help me out. I listen to it and for me it seems to come down on 4 chords in the verse, chorus dunno. Even if I could make the exact sound up i wouldn't know how to play it on guitar. I am interested in the acoustic version of the song (there are 2 roaming around on youtube)... can't find it for the moment (although I already have it on my PC), I will try to find it and then post it here. I would be grateful for you help! //edit: Seriously, the acoustic version I got was the dominating one when I downloaded it, now I can only find the electric version tT...
  6. haha, nice to hear that with the barre. I played this song too often today, my thumb is raw, had to fix it with some salve, but worse, I wont be able to play it for a few days I guess :lol:
  7. the verse is great, thank you very much, still theb bridge and the chorus sound a bit odd to me (too low? dunno), perhaps its because I dont play it in the right tune, but what makes these high notes in the chorus in the orginal song? Sounds better to me, well - lets see how it plays out after more training :D
  8. THank you VERY much, I will try them out when I come home from work... without having heard them, it would be great if someone, or perhaps you, would come up with the correct verse (perhaps its already correct ;) ). I prefer the "thumb on low e string" style at all because I still find the barré a bit tricky...
  9. noone who can help me out there? :embarrassed:
  10. just interested, but how do you strumm a chord when there is an "x" (a string that must not be played) just within the middle of others? :X, or do I need to pick those? (I hate picking, beginner ^^)
  11. when you started to play the guitar just because of coldplay's songs! :)
  12. Hi dudes, I really like this song (just found it a few months ago on youtube) and now after my university test I again spend a lot of time on learning the guitar. I would appreciate it alot if anyone could make up what the chords are for this song! Found nothing but one or two requests on other sites for these chords. The song sounds great (even though Natalie Imbruglia got the song for her Album in 2009)! Videos: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE1g0J5f49I]Coldplay - Lukas (Excellent Audio) - YouTube[/ame] (with faint noises of chris' voice in the background) or the album version from natalie imbruglia: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T51dATOGkk]Natalie Imbruglia - Lukas - YouTube[/ame] Thanks for reading so far, greets, hubie!
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