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  1. Oh my bad i just realised i am really late for the deadline, sorry!! Don't worry, ignore my list :)
  2. 1. 42 2. Politik 3. Yes 4. Fix You 5. Yellow 6. Trouble 7. A Message 8. Low 9. Life in Technicolour 10. Postcards From Far Away 11. Glass of Water 12. Prospekts March 13. Rainy Day 14. Death And All His Friends 15. Lovers of Japan 16. Spies 17. Lost 18. Don't Panic 19. Rush of Blood to the Head 20. Only Superstition 21. Proof 22. Cemeteries of London 23. Strawberry Swing 24. Swallowed in the sea 25. Twisted Logic 26. X&Y 27. Til Kingdom Come 28. Talk 29. White Shadows 30. The Hardest Part
  3. thats cool!:heart: I love snow hehe! really? thats a horrible combination,rain and snow :laugh3: haha its hot here :( hot and cloudy.

  4. we get a lot of our moisture in the form of snow, so there are a lot of blizzards and the like in the winter, but in the spring, the rain can be heavy and bring the occasional flood, although in recent years we've been in a drought so its really dry...and we are expected to get snow here too in the coming week :)

  5. Ahh, odd question I know but, do you often get like floods or just a usual amount of rain ? All the snow has finally cleared, there is the occasionaly pile of ice here and there, but apparently more snow is expected Tuesday! :|

  6. The weather here has been cloudy and overcast likes its going to rain, but it hasn't yet...hows the weather there?

  7. Oh very nice! America is a great place ! How is the weather for you ?

  8. Oh haha been very snowy the last couple of weeks!! It is begining to finally clear after a long time :D Been quite rainy. What about you ? :)

  9. I am from America, Wyoming to be more precise :)

  10. Im good how are you?! Hows the weather in England?:lol:

  11. I am from England, what about you ? :)

  12. You are very welcome :) so where are you from?

  13. Hello! Thank you very much! This all seems to be great :) Thank you !!

  14. hello Lydia :) welcome to the site

  15. Hello :) How are you today ?

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