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  1. Cheers for the lovely comment :kiss:
  2. Happy birthday to our dear Christopher John Anthony Martin :D Hopefully, he will watch this!! :)
  3. Et énorme merci d'avoir participé !!! :D
  4. Cheers Jeremy!! :) :) Here's the accurate link, btw..just noticed the one above didn't work :/
  5. Yes, yes, yes! send me a piece of that wonderful chocolate cake!! YUM :P
  6. And MANY thanks to you for being part of it :) :)
  7. Hey! aaw unfortunately, it's too late. I edited the video yesterday. Here you are : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFft-...ature=youtu.be
  8. Heeeey everyone :) Here's the final edit. I worked on it all the weekend. Hopefully you will enjoy it :) :) Cheers to everyone who participated to the project!! Please, share it to as many as fans you can :)
  9. Hi everyone :) Thanks for all your emails! I received such lovely and very nice recordings and pictures! I will work on the final video this weekend! I will try my best for the result, i promise :) Have an awesome weekend Coldplayers :) CHEERS
  10. Hi Titi! I postponed it to Friday, Feb 24th but please not later :) :)
  11. Guys, the idea isn't to know who cares or who doesn't care or to know if Chris will watch it or not! i don't even know why everybody's arguing and fighting about this. It's just breaking everything! The actual thing is making something cool for Chris's birthday. The ones who want to participate to this, please do it! Those who don't care, please try to respect at least the idea! The purpose is gathering his fans together for a cool project and showing our support to him. Life is for living, not for fighting... ;)
  12. Hi :) Sure, send me everything to [email protected] Many thanks :))

  13. I have pictures from the coldplay concert in Glasgow if you want them ? :) xxxx i also have a t-shirt and can talk but i don't have a camera :/ hope i can help ! xxxx

  14. Coldplayers, do you want me to postpone the deadline to Friday, Feb 24th ?? but not after, cos i want to have time to make something cool :)
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