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  1. coldspot

    Album scales

    I think perhaps an album of songs follows a similiar pattern used for individual songs - sticking to a bunch of notes so that the sound is coherent. Have a look at the instrument thread.
  2. I like your art. Can you paint one for paradise or perhaps grafiti for charlie brown?
  3. I found something earlier where they had created their own charity foundation but I can't remember the name of it.
  4. coldspot

    Chris's Clothes

    Dark jeans and white t-shirts.
  5. thanks everyone! I'm gonna go play some of these guitars and see which one :)
  6. Hi guys, I want to ask if anyone might have some comments about good acoustic guitars? I've been playing a cheep acoustic for 10 years. I need something else now that suits what I'm currently doing, which is recording music. I don't travel with my instrument and don't need it to be amplified, but would like to be able to plug into a laptop for recording. I've been looking at takamine, taylor and martin (d-15m are apparently smaller sized?). Thanks
  7. I'm interested in learning this version too so I'll have a go at working it out
  8. I was looking for the list of tunings and came across these 2 pages that might be of interest. http://equipboard.com/pros/jonny-buckland-coldplay http://www.guitartechcourses.com/coldplay-guitar-techs-brush-up-on-their-guitar-making-skills-with-gtc/
  9. Why don't you find one of those free music programs and then you can figure out the beat and notes etc.
  10. It was an ad for the ghost stories album but I couldn't catch what it said.
  11. Did anyone just see the little ad on ch10 for coldplay's australian live show? Does anyone know what it's about? The coldplayaustralia.com.au website has been updated and chris was in australia yesterday, right? I don't know what's going - does anyone else? Thank you
  12. As far as i can tell they are the names of the effects used for musical instruments in the song
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