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  1. i still cant get the hang of the forum.. i must use it everyday!

  2. ohh i am good, just really busy with school.., how abuot you? how was the trip to vancouver? i hope everything went well.. yeah it was cool, and chris sounded really good :) :) :) and now i want that flaming lips shirt he had on.. and i hope everything is going well for u too!

  3. How are you? :) Did you see the Wedding Bells performance?? That was cool! By the way, you'll figure this forum out very quickly, it didn't take me long :) Hope everything is great with you!

  4. Don't worry.. is quite esay. You'll be a crack in few days!

  5. ITS U!!!! hi! omg i am so happy to be here, i love it already... but i am still trying to figure the forum out lol :) i cant wait till the 5th album then! so excited! oh yeasss i will be here alot hopefully!

  6. hi nice to meet u too! i am trying to figure this site out lol.. i am not good with forums lol

  7. Hi! Nice to meet you.

  8. ESTEPHANIAH!!! HI! :D :D :D :wacky: It's me! I'm the Al-Has on tumblr! We're the compatible coldplayers :P I'm so glad to see you here! It's such a nice forum but you might find it a little dead right now because Coldplay haven't released anything in a long time. But trust me, as soon as they start hinting at their 5th album, this forum EXPLODES! hahaha :lol: Hope to see you here more often :)

  9. Hi. :cheesy: Thanks for the friend request. :nice:

  10. they are cool.. and anyone who hates them, can kiss the butty. jajajaj.. oh and if i met a guy that likes COLDPLAY in this redneck place, i would marry him in a second!
  11. thanks! i am so happy to be here :)

  12. well hello u guys!! i am estephaniah, and thanks for all of the welcomes :)
  13. :surprised: you got a personal welcome message

  14. Saw you came aboard to a great fansite, welcome!!!

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