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  1. Wow I'm surprised, it's actually really well done haha. Like everyone else I was expecting just a basic jokey song but it's really good!
  2. 1. Always In My Head - Tough one though as I do really love MX/HLH 2. Magic - so easy, Paradise got boring fast, lyrics mean nothing, yeah Magic's lyrics are simple but at least they have meaning. 3. Ink - I really like this song despite not liking it first listen. My problem with CB is the same with Paradise, it just does nothing for me, I do like the piano outro however. 4. Us Against the World - Most of the comments I've seen are picking True Love over this, like, really!? 5. Midnight - I was a bit torn on this one but I think I've made the right decision, I really did appreciate what t
  3. can any pro's decipher the chords for this song? I really can't wait to jam this out on my guitar!.
  4. I actually really like the album and I love the sound they've created but this song has actually made me angry at the album for sounding the way it does when it could have sounded like this haha
  5. Easily the best song from this album. Holy shit it's so amazing! I'm so thankful that they made this but also a little bitter that the rest of the album didn't sound like this. I'm actually in shock over this song, it's absolutely perfect. EVERYBODY GO LISTEN TO IT NOW.
  6. I'm hoping it leaks soon, we already know a lot of "elite people" as you lot are calling them have the album, only a matter of time til' its nicked off their desk and stuck on the pirate bay. Just as a disclaimer; I have pre-ordered it on both CD and Vinyl, so I'm not "stealing" the album. I just really want to hear it early! 2 weeks is too long to wait!
  7. I'll tell you now it certainly isn't my cup of tea, I'd never actively seek this song out if I weren't a Coldplay fan. However I realise it is a fun little ditty in a somewhat heartbreaking album. The great part is all you fuckers with your over reactions. I shared all your scepticism when ETIAW dropped back in 2011 because it was the only song we had to go on for MX at that time and it didn't give me hope for what was to come and sure enough I wasn't and I'm still not a huge fan of MX (Don't touch Us Against the World though.) but now we've heard most of Ghost Stories and all we've heard
  8. As soon as it started, I fell in love; Chris' voice is absolutely stunning in it and I love the lyrics. I'm really loving the new sound, how stripped back and simple it is. It really is a breath of fresh air after MX, which I wasn't a huge fan of.
  9. Seriously I love it. Sounds like it's right out of X&Y which is fantastic. I honestly think if I'd never heard X&Y before and this song was in the place of Twisted Logic (Not a fan, definitely their weakest closer, also I think Atlas would work well as a closer, sort of like Amsterdam) I think it would work perfectly. If this is on the same lines as what LP6 will sound like, then I am going to be very pleased with it. MX was good but I'm over it and I need classic Coldplay back :D
  10. Other than that, the video looks like its gonna be bad ass! Chris Martin as a fucking ninja? What could be better?
  11. I was happy to see Rhianna and Chris be so close, cause when I went to see The Avengers a few days ago I got really angry when Gwyneth kissed Robert Downy Jr. So I'm thinking fair play to Chris, get your own back! :veryangry2:
  12. So Gotye release one song that features Kimbra and it gets overplayed in the public, therefore both of them get on the list of the greatest artists known to man at this current point in time. What a load of bollocks.
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