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  1. So I was looking at the official pdf of record store day releases for the US and it isn't on the list?? And in an email I got from my local record store it says that it was "delayed or canceled". I guess I'm not going to find it anywhere, then? Nevermind! Dumb me. Looked back in the thread
  2. You're very welcome. No worries about the picture, I'm just glad you got it! I'm also pleased you would like to become pen pals!. I look forward to hearing from you soon. :) Happy New Year and have fun on your vacation!
  3. I'm worried that the package I sent to my Secret Santa is lost in the mail. I haven't heard anything from them about receiving it. I really hope you get it soon, Secret Santa!
  4. I'm so happy! I got my package from my secret santa, Black Rose, from Wiltshire, England a couple days ago. Sorry I just now got to posting pictures! It includes a postcard, key chain, a piece of coldplay confetti, a festive picture, and a lovely note. Thank you so much! I never got confetti on the MX tour, so this means a lot to me. The key chain is going on my key ring tomorrow. Again, thanks so much to my lovely secret santa, Black Rose! This was so lovely! It made my day! :) I feel bad that I've only just sent my match their package today, after I already got mine! The post office s
  5. PM sent! I'm so excited! :lol:
  6. Haha! I'm going to my local studio movie grill in Dallas me and my friend are going to the Plano location at the 6:30 time. Anybody else in Dallas going?
  7. Wow you got to see them at the Austin City Limits?! I recorded that show on TV and have watched it probably 10+ times by this point! :lol: It was a really awesome show. :D But yeah, I know what you mean about the Xylobands--the sight they create during the show is just unlike anything I've ever seen!! :wacko: And yeah, I'm alright that I missed the Viva Era shows because I got Warning Sign & Speed of Sound, which are two of my all-time biggest obsessions and two I've always wanted to see so bad but wasn't expecting this time. :awesome: So I'm more than happy with what I got.

  8. I know how you feel! I was debating about pictures or watching the show mostly with my own eyes. Just having a good time and watching prevailed, although I got some pictures and video, since the seats I had were the closest to the stage I've ever had before. No rush on your next video lol!
  9. Wow! The Xylobands look so pretty from where you are sitting. You really get the full effect! Thanks so much for posting. :D
  10. I know, right?! I wish I could have gone both nights in Dallas too, but I'm not that rich lol! And 2 of the other shows I've been to were MX Era (T in the Park and Austin City Limits), so I didn't want to overdo it. :P I'm so glad I got to experience the Xylobands finally! MX Era is a perfect time to experience their live shows because they are the best they have ever been, so don't feel too bad about missing Viva Era shows.

  11. Sure!! Haha, thanks for replying! :nice: And thank you, I had a truly life-changing first Coldplay concert experience. :wacky: (I'm sure I don't sound corny at all, huh? :lol:) I had really wanted to see them on their Viva tour but wasn't able to get tickets in time but that's okay because seeing them for my first time on the MX tour was totally epic! :dance: And wow that's awesome you've been able to see them 5 times now!! :surprised: Even though it was not even a week ago that I saw them, I've already started saving for next tour so that I can afford to see them at least twice then!! I mean, I knew they'd put on an amazing show but after experiencing it, it was just even more awesome than I could have imagined & I just want to see them again and can't get enough!! :laugh3:

  12. Thanks for posting on my wall! I'm so glad that you enjoyed your first Coldplay show!! XD This was my 5th time seeing them and I am still in awe and can never get tired of seeing them live. :)

  13. Hey I saw your posts on the June 22nd @ the American Airlines Center Thread and just wanted to say I enjoyed your posts & pictures!! I was also at the show and couldn't help but talk to someone else who got to experience this concert!! It was my first time seeing Coldplay, and one of the best experiences of my entire life!! :wacko:

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