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  1. happy christmas everyone. i hope you're all enjoying your holiday. and happy new years and all that other stuff; i probably won't be able to get on here later in the year. i wonder what damon's holiday traditions are like.
  2. whoa, i missed out on a lot. D : lol, missy having a tumblr. that seems like it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, considering she's only eleven. although, i was on the internet at that age, too... shouldn't she be on neopets or something instead? haha.
  3. my book also came a bit beat up, but still in really good condition! : D oh, yeah, i remember my sister telling me about that. its disgusting how a company will do whatever it wants just to make money. : /
  4. yeah, its on amazon. that's where i got it. paid only a penny [used], plus $3.99 shipping, though. is this boycott thing about that book that taught people how to rape, or something?
  5. "We walked along Peckham High Street after midnight. Damon was full of beans. He always is. He was climbing up lamp-posts and dancing on bus-shelter roofs. He said, 'Watch this, I'm going to get arrested!' and ran off down Queen's Road with a Belisha beacon, shouting random things in a very deep voice. They threw him in the cells with a mad Gurkha, until he calmed down. Graham had been arrested at the Student Union for pissing on the stage while a reggae band was playing. He was very remorseful after that, but Damon was quite proud after his night in the cooler. 'I told you I was going to get
  6. hey everyone. i guess i haven't been active in a while around here; got caught up in a bunch of stuff. seems like you guys haven't been active too much, too. also: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Damon_Albarn kinda weird but i find it funny. :awesome:
  7. loool yay! : D i've never really understood this whole "following" business. like, on deviantart, you watch people? that's very stalker-ish.
  8. http://spacelafayette.tumblr.com/ there you go.
  9. actually, i can't remember. yesterday went by really fast for me. x D;; there's nothing on my tumblr right now but i'm gonna use it to put my art somewhere, so i link you's guys whenever i update it.
  10. hey, 'sup amy! i guess this is my first time meeting you 'cos i don't have tumblr... well, now i do, so... x D anyway, nice to meet you! oh yeah, liz, i thoroughly went through your tumblr and it is sooooo freakin' funny! i haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
  11. pffft, his hair makes him look like he had a rough night. probably did, too!
  12. i was showing my mom those extremealbarn pictures and she finally asked me how old he is. when i told her, she was like, "he's only seven years younger than me?! that's old, you creep." i guess fangirling over a grown man that's over my agex2 isn't all that healthy. x D
  13. your concert sounded so much fun, d!! i can only imagine what damon looks like up-close. x D i was too far away to really see him, but being in the same room felt good, too! sorry that you didn't get to meet anyone. i know how you feel. i had to leave early too because my mom had a cold at the time. i'm sure we'll get our chances, though! : D
  14. i drew this as a response of that picture of damon in drag. D : http://www.uploadgeek.com/share-2C54_4CDB2CAA.html
  15. oh oh, yes, please! i'd appreciate it sooooo much! you don't have to worry about giving it to me right away. you can take your time. i need to work on school work anyway instead of playing on the piano. x D;;
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