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  1. This was my second time seeing in a week and I still can't get my mind to comprehend what I witnessed. I took my mom this time (went to the Det. show with two friends). Now she is a fan and it was sooo fun watching her reactions to the xylobands and everything that came with it. I was in section 4 on the floor and to my right I could just watch Dan Green and all the guys do their magic which was awesome. Not much more to add than what others have said. I am personally glad they ended up playing A Warning Sign over Amsterdam. Before DLIBYH started chris did say daddy loves you and I could quite
  2. We waited for a long time and after talking to some security guards found out they left as soon as the concert was over :(
  3. http://web.stagram.com/p/248857860870293840_35848889 http://web.stagram.com/p/248803089769614198_35848889 http://web.stagram.com/p/248790176472288013_35848889 Here are my instagram pictures
  4. WOW!!! Such an awesome time guys. I took my brother in law and best friend who are casual friends and they ended up leaving with that look of what did we just witness. The Xylobands were just amazing. This was my first time experiencing them and pictures and videos truly do not do it justice. The setlist was back to usual with Warning Sign back. Some tidbits: Highlights for me were any song with Xylobands, Fix You..just seeing peoples reaction to this song is tremendous. Yellow again was dedicated to Aurora. Chris made a little mistake on Paradise. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face is so awesome.
  5. Hopefully, I can talk my friends into joining you!
  6. Yeah exactly. Springsteen came out about 30 min after his show made sure to shake people hands and few got lucky pictures but security was pushing him back into his SUV and away he went. I am sure they will be leaving the same area
  7. I will be there in Section 228 :/ I think I will still have a great view of the production but wish I somewhat closer. This will be my 5th show and first since lollapalooza so I am THRILLED to finally experience xylobands! I am taking two friends who are lukewarm fans and I am really hoping I can show them the light! lol I will be wearing a green MX shirt I got for Christmas. My two friends won't be willing to wait after to meet, but I met Bruce Springsteen at the Palace in April and he came out at the exit where this picture is if it helps. Maybe afterwards I will be able to change their mind
  8. WOW This story is so awesome!!! What do you the people who upgrade your seats look like? Do they wear roadie gear?? Going Wednesday looking to see if I can get lucky like you
  9. To think that this era started with a simple video of a walking man with many colors in silence! Now knowing this story takes place in some world called something like Silenceia, makes you wonder if that is linked in anyway? Looking back at this era: The strange videos and clues leading to ETIAW, the many festivals where they played half of the album before it came out, finding out Mylo Xyloto is the name, the drama of them choosing Rihanna as a duet, the Madrid experience, the X-Factor appearance, the xylobands, the Coldplay Movie which is still a TBA and now a comic book.. You all know I cou
  10. That is such a cool story!!! How early did you get there to get upgraded? I have similar seats for the Detroit Show!
  11. Also any word on if Chris came out for the 3rd straight time? Curious to see if it's worth a wait after for the Detroit/ Chicago shows :)
  12. http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/coldplay-star-chris-martin-says-945026 Does anyone know what this article is referring to in the last sentence?
  13. I will admit how surprised I am that the song hasn't taken off in the US like it appears to be in the UK. Why do you guys think the USA hasn't quite embraced it or in my opinion a majority of MX? I get XM/Sirius and I see Paradise on quite often, but other than that nothing.
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