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  1. Hey everyone, I was once pretty active on this thread but it's a long time since I posted on the forum. I don't follow Coldplay that much any more now, or I should say nearly at all, so I decided to part with a few items from my collection. I've started today listing What If CD single on ebay. So if anyone is looking for it here's thelink(change .it to your country code to see ebay in your language)
  2. At least you took pics and a video, I didn't even take out my camera in the end, it was basically impossible where I was with everyone jumping, plus they recorded the show for a DVD so I just wanted to enjoy it and don't care about anything else. Anyone got to the afterparty gig at The Garage? Me and my friends made a mad dash to the other side of London and miraculously got in...dare I say it was even better than Wembley? I mean, Wembley was great and was such a big deal for them, and the Wembley song was such a great moment, but seeing them in a tiny venue playing Change Your Mind, Under
  3. You should go post it in The Killers official forum, there are always people searching for Wembley tickets, especially GA since they're sold out
  4. I agree with everyone in suggesting to not seel that acetate, or you should at least be 1000% sure that you won't regret it in the future I haven't bought anything but the RSD 7" too, and just because it was a vinyl and easy to find..
  5. edit. posted in the wrong thread :P
  6. It's just the five regular albums plus the Live 2003 released in a cardboard box. You can buy the full boxset or the single releases each week with the newspaper (which is the most famous sports newspaper in Italy)
  7. Hi, I merged your posts about your sisters' cover in the "Our Coldplay Covers" thread, which is there to post your own or friends' cover of Coldplay song. When you have to post a message please stick to the proper section and do not post the same thing in different parts, also please check if there's already a thread about that subject before opening a new one. Thanks : )

  8. Here you are (click for bigger version)
  9. Loving the Christmas theme. When the homepage appeared I thought I typed the forum address wrong at first :lol:
  10. Nope, Here With Me The London gigs went ahead and they were amazing as always, were fifteen-row on the first night despite arriving at 8 pm (that must have been the latest I've ever arrived at a gig), awesome view also of the lights and lasers. We got the first row on the second night, and nothing can beat being there. They also played a snippet of Don't Look Back in Anger the first night and With Or Without You on the second (because Bono was in the audience), the second was totally unexpected and I just couldn't believe it. I posted a few pics of the first night here. Still waiting
  11. Yeah, so far I'm taking the no news as good news, really hope I won't get off the flight to find the message I'm dreading to read :uhoh: Also, yesterday they were in Blackpool filming a video with Tim Burton and Winona Ryder, they should've been there today according to some tweets, but seeing Manchester was cancelled they probably took the chance to go there early.
  12. Eh going to London tomorrow evening hoping they don't postpone the London gigs too beside Manchester's..keeping my fingers crossed Brandon fully recovers in time :sad:
  13. I tried to rip the videos for multimedia but it didn't work sorry :disappointed:
  14. So I was right..too bad I'm not even going :P Anyway, I think it's gonna cost 13€ in Italy
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