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  1. Airbag - The String Quartet (tribute to Radiohead.)
  2. :cool: :cool: I'm alriiiiiight.
  3. Oooh Okay I'll try that.. :D Btw.. great covers!! :cool: ;) But I thought you'd sing :/
  4. ^^ indeed :cool: ermmm :P I'd do it :embarrased:.. hmm but upload them.. where?. If I find a way to do it i'll let you know.... :P But anyways... I'd love to hear your cover of True Love Waits :D
  5. I'm feeling GREAT!!!! :D I still have a song in my ears... help meeee... ooh help meeee... she's out offf.... her miiinddd :cool: My best friend, from the UK, was at the Stereophonics gig in IOW, and he phoned me... OMG It was aweeeesome.. I didnt know he'd do it! :o :D :kiss:
  6. 1. Radiohead 2. Coldplay 3. Stereophonics 4. Placebo 5. Jet
  7. ahhahaha..!! :lol::lol: Actually..... I've recorded it! :D "this mess we're in" and "puch up at a wedding" :confused: But.... noooooo way i'm gonna put those songs on the internet.... ahahaha.. :lol: :embarrased: *legs it* and... *changes subject* :P... Me is watching Street Spirit video.... I love it sooooo :cool:
  8. :blush: thanks.... but.. erm.. naahh.. :P i dunno.. I didnt like it that much, but my friends loved it.. :D heheh!! :lol: :lol:
  9. ^^hmm I never watched it. :o I love Thom's voice... :D :D oohh.. have you heard 'This Mess We┬┤re In' - PJ Harvey/Thom Yorke..? :cool: I've made a version of it, with my uncle.... :lol: :lol:
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