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  1. FLOOR SEATS IN ATLANTA My life has been made.
  2. Welcome! So far, you're the only person who has liked my page for Cemeteries of London... i don't care only because it's my page that I actually made, but because it's my favorite song in general & by Coldplay... So thanks for that:)

  3. Hi, thanks for adding me!

  4. You joined my Cemeteries of London group, so I decided to stop by and say hello:) My favorite Coldplay song, and just my favorite song in general... Glad to meet another fan:)

  5. Ahhh, Pacman. SO infuriating for me, I am terrible at it:P But hello! Nice to meet you:)
  6. Wow, the owner of Coldplaying himself! Thank you for the welcome, Coldplay is my life, and this site is my new home:)
  7. Hahaha wow, March seems like it was a while ago! Time goes by quite slowly for me:P But thank you all for the warm welcomes, I feel very... well, welcomed here! Yay for new friends:D
  8. Aww well it's all good, we still have awesome names:P

  9. I have the same name as you, but spelt diffrently. So I wasn't named after Bob Marley :/

  10. Why thank you, I was named after the great Bob Marley:)

  11. I like your name ;D

  12. Hello!:) I signed up quite a long time ago, but just now actually got on and have started using my account. I've decided that this is ultimately where I belong, with fellow fans of the Great C<3 Anyway, just figured I'd say hello, and try to make some new friends...:)
  13. Anytime, anytime:P And thanks for the welcome:) (And, I just spent last night creeping and fixing up my profile to my liking... I signed up a while ago, but I just now got on for real.) Now! Favorite Coldplay song(s)?

  14. Ah thank you! I made it myself (which is why it could've been better). Hello there fellow creeper! Welcome to the forum, I suppose, unless you've been creeping around for a month (which is what I did). :p

  15. Pardon me. Okay, so I don't know you at all, and this will seem incredibly creeper-ish, but......... I happened to see your picture on someone else's page, and it. is. amazing. Genius.

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