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  1. Lol Damon tapping his feet in the second interview xD
  2. Just finished watching the Bobby and Damon clips, so funny. I love watching and listening to Damon play the piano. It was 1 of my favorite things when I went to the Gorillaz concert.
  3. Why on earth would someone compare Damon's Dr. Dee album to Parklife? Wtf. It's awesome to hear that Damon is a regular guy in real life.
  4. That just makes me really want to get the box! But I'm going to have to do some saving up 1st tho :/
  5. Lol at Damon randomly losing his tooth. But I don't think I would want it. Im thinking about getting that set. Not sure yet tho.
  6. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/jamie-hewlett-my-brain-is-like-a-driedout-sponge-but-im-having-ideas-7645605.html Hopefully this will shed a little more light with the whole Damon and Jamie fallout. I really want to order that magazine. The interview sounds awesome :)
  7. Ya knowing how close they were, I don't think that they r going to be mad at eachother forever. I mean just look at what happened between him and Graham. I highly doubt that this is the end of them. I'm still going to support Jamie and Damon's projects tho. I always loved what they do. The vodka boddle he designed turned out cool, same with when he drew a picture for the ghost bird foundation. And I'm excited for the Dr. Dee album, and I can't wait to see what Damon will do next.
  8. Nooooooooo!! What do he's going to be retiring or something? Im hoping that he still might do little projects still tho. I don't believe he's done yet. And him and Jamie were really good friends too. Wth. I guess only time will tell :(
  9. Hey, I miss this thread, I haven't been able to spend any free time on the computer. Ok this might be really random but I've been seeing a lot of commercials about the effects of smoking and it made me worry about Damon!! PS loving all the Damon pics btw
  10. Nooooo!!!!!! O well looks like I'll have to go to europe when I get enough money and plan a trip when they tour. Awesome pics! Ya this place kind of passed out. I don't think there has been much to report. Ive only got repeats of the Gorillaz hits album and such stuff. I did find a live album of the Good, the Bad & the Queen on iTunes that I didn't know they had :/
  11. ^Yay!!!!! So excited to see blur come to the US!!! Thanks for the update :3 I was wondering if they were going to Germany cuz I have a friend that lives over there and I finally got my pasport and might make a trip out there with family.
  12. Awww :(. 6 months... O well. Thanks. Lol awkward fists aww :)
  13. Lol :D Hey does anyone no when the Dr. Dee album is going to be released? I could have sworn I read it somewhere but I can't find it.
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