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  1. how long before theyre on youtube? and how long before theyre inevitably taken off?
  2. is it only me or do the videos load soooooooooo slowly?
  3. basically double the price ive paid for any movie ever. worth it.
  4. how do they determine the pricing for this? it seems completely random. some cinemas offer tickets at the same price as a normal movie, and some others offer tickets at double the normal rate. Tickets arent on sale in South Africa yet, but I can say for sure that if theyre equitable to europe and us prices, I will be the only one in the cinema. Movie tickets in SA cost about 3 pounds, and most people dont pay more than 2 pounds by using one of many discount cards, etc. Just would like to know what determines the price of the ticket, who decides it, etc. Seems pretty random to me...
  5. haha, sorry i didnt mention! i loved it! very excited for manchester! just have a friend who thinks we can get to the front if we get there at 3:30. having been to a coldplay concert before i know thats unlikely, so just wanted some first hand uk tour experience! our train arrives in manchester at 11, so I would like to be there by midday. (we're fast runners too :) )
  6. @Comicforce: at what time of day would you say there were about 30, 40, 50 people in the queue?
  7. theyre going to break curfew! :laugh3: 10 minutes for 3 songs...
  8. Mollywalsh @rihanna just played princess of china at @coldplay wish you were here!! really?
  9. make some noise like youre fucking off your face :laugh3:
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