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  1. I have been to many events at NRG but only a few concerts. It's big. seats 71,000+ what ever the put on the floor. It's a football stadium so floor is over 100 yards. I was in Austin for ACL and couldn't remember the first 6 digits of my Citi card so didn't get to sale until 2 hours in. Got near end of ramp so it's all good. Show #52. Will get to have another Phil birthday party.
  2. took a few pics but mostly just enjoyed the show.
  3. Getting close now. Leaving Sunday for Berlin. Really excited for this. This is a pic from my first Coldplay show in 2003. Never thought I would make it to show #50. Jonny won't be so grainy in Berlin. :dazzled:
  4. Had to stay up til 3am, but got my ticket for Berlin. :D
  5. Gonna try for this. Was planning trip to France for the Euros, so just come a few days early and stop off in Berlin. Football and Coldplay, best va-kay ever! Oh and it will be my 50th show, so there's that. ;)
  6. I do miss you so Jen :drinking:
  7. :dance::dance::dance::bliss::bliss::bliss::drinking::drinking::drinking:
  8. I received my Christmas card. Thank you so much. Poland looks really pretty. I'll post some pics in the thread when I get a spare minute. Kinda crazy around here right now, but wanted to let you know it made it here on Christmas eve and just say thanks. :)

  9. So glad it made it before Christmas. Merry Christmas to you too.
  10. Just ban them and play the dumb blonde card if Mark asks. :sneaky:

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