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  1. Copenhagen or not?? Hi folks, out of lurking to answer a question. I'm lucky enough to have been at Magne's exhibition opening along with those who's photos you've found. Guy was there with Keisha and you already know from the tmblr report that you've found, that he bought one of Magne's prints. Guy was very gracious to also let me have a picture taken with him and during our chat he confirmed he wouldn't be travelling to Copenhagen with the other members of Apparatjik as he had prior commitments, but I respected his privacy and didn't enquire as to what they were or even if he is s
  2. very true! didn't think I'd ever be saying this but... bring back the strippy t-shirts and flip flops
  3. Shame EMI have removed this in the UK too :( I bet Guy looks cute, being all embarrassed and shying away as he used to do. Gotta thank Keisha (or Apparatjik) for some things, he appears to be a little more comfortable with fame and limelight in his "old age". Heck he might even break into a full Jonny style guitar strut dance one of these days!
  4. Eve that flower on Chris's jacket is a Rememberance Poppy. The guys wear them every year from the middle of October until November 11th in thanks to our fallen soldiers. It is a nationally observed tradition. So it would suggest a time period for this picture. Apart from that yes I agree the scarf isn't really Guy's thing and thank goodness his taste in trousers has improved since then. Also Chris in walking boots? perhaps he'd been out hiking before he was reminded he had a premier to go to? :lol:
  5. ^ Tash, this is a gorgeous find thank you :swoon:
  6. XyloPlay, I think you need to clarify what you were trying to get at with this statement/question. If you're talking musically within Coldplay, then it's IMO Mr Champion wins this hands down. Haven't seen the others play as many instruments with such enthusiasm as Will does. However, if you're talking in general, then Chris with his working with other bands and musicians or Guy with his producing, Apparatjik and engineering projects could take home the crown. Although to counter argue that, do any of us know what Will and Jonny do when they aren't "being Coldplay"? Do they do wo
  7. Thank you for posting this full video, great find. I think perhaps Guy would have said more if Chris and Will weren't so keen to talk! Love them but as the composed speaker of the band, Guy doesn't stand a chance when they are interviewed as the foursome. If you watch Guy, he does laugh along with comments but he is in general a more reserved person than Chris, which sadly some ppl see as lackluster *justsaying*
  8. having a serious fan girl moment, I wasn't thinking he should eat (although a little more weight wouldn't hurt) I was thinking :shocked: OMG how long are his fingers??!! :rolleyes5: and what I'd like them to do when their done caressing those guitar strings :dazzled:
  9. Hi Arlene, hope you have a great weekend :)
  10. :embarrassed::embarrassed: thank you "fakfak", wow circus too, I bet that was fun? Perhaps ill send SJM my CV and see what happens? LOL
  11. Well yep that was going to be my next question if she responded :lol: We play a game at work when it gets really stressful, "where would you be right now?" and even on the really rainy, cold days I would rather be on tour folding a roadies washing then doing what I do most days. But I bet there's an age window for getting into the PA'ing for a band game? (and I'm past it by now :()
  12. :waves: Hi Arlene You lucky lady having the cool job of working with bands such as Coldplay. So I have a question or two I would really love if you would answer... (sorry if the questions seem nosy but I'm often caught day dreaming about what a job PA or supporting bands must be like) * what does your typical day entail? We know what Roadie42 gets up to and have an insight into some of the things the guys themselves get up to thanks to Phil, Anchorman etc.. but what do you have to cope with? * how did you get the job? When you were seeing the careers counsellor at school did
  13. Hi CP36 Do you still have the tickets for 2nd Sept gig in Paris available? Thanks C-L

  14. Eve I would be looking to stand by the sound desk or again by the C stage this time so not so worried about the general view. But when I went on the official sale site there was only the tier 2 restricted view tickets for 79€ available and that is a little much for Me to pay even to listen to Guy strum his bass :laugh4: If you hear of a ticket available I would love to know about it x
  15. 2nd Sept - GA standing Hi Folks, I'm on the lookout for a 50.80 Euro ticket to the Paris gig on 2nd September Thanks Claire-Louise
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