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  1. I'm in row 11 too! Glad to know there will be fellow coldplayers close by:cheesy: Haha I haven't been as lucky with winning tickets, but since I usually go for mid-range/lower price tickets, I figured I'd splurge this time too and buy a college graduation present to myself... need to have a least one coldplay VIP experience at some point! I didn't realize it was actually an 8th row seat, so that makes it even more exciting! Thanks for pointing that out!
  2. I'm in section C too! Did you end up buying a VIP package or were you able to get them there for a lower price?
  3. May be more money that night but I've never seen them raise it for an event
  4. There's a parking structure on Broxton in Westwood village that's a flat rate of $3 after 6pm
  5. willing to buy for a lot of money! please contact me if you are interested in selling a ticket!!
  6. hopefully the people hating on the song/album won't be trying to go to the concerts then.... make tickets easier for us to get who are actually loving it all!
  7. After trying absolutely everything to get tickets to the Sony Studios shows and not succeeding, I'll be crushed if I'm not able to get tickets to this show. As much as I love the idea of an intimate venue, I hate that this means it'll be even harder to get tickets :(
  8. I've only seen one person tweet about winning a pair from 1iota.. so either they're giving them out slowly or giving out very very few:(
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