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  1. Thank you very much for this thought. Everyday Life is not a bombastic song and it doesn't need to be. It's sentimental song of reflection to a likely sentimental album of reflection of the world today. I didn't even remember it was the closer when I first heard it. I just think it's a great song on its own. With it's beautiful lyrics and simplistic sounding music. You guys be trippin' here.
  2. Okay unpopular idea but how about this? How about we don't heavy compare it to the previous albums But to me, this album is gonna be either to be a mish-mash of different eras old and new, with sounds coming from neither eras. And knowing your high standards, some of you guys will never be satisfied if you'll hear a bit of pop or hear less of rock. Can't we just enjoy the albums on their own legs and not just like them because it sounds just like this or that?
  3. Arabesque reminds me a bit of Flick of the Finger by Beady Eye with it's loud brass and a sample narration. This song so bombastic I love it. Orphans took a while to grow on me. It sounds a mix of AHFOD and Middle Eastern vibes. The bittersweet lyrics reminds me a bit of Dirty Harry by Gorillaz. Both expressing about wanting to go back to having fun but can't due to the current armed conflict. I kinda appreciate it a lot now upon my second listen.
  4. Glad to see other people enjoying another artists here and not being impatient hehe
  5. I'm just gonna wait for the radio premiere because Chris' reaction to learning about the Trouble In Town request kinda broke my heart. :broken_heart:
  6. For anyone asking, backtrack a little and look a bit hard. Get it before the mods noticed it
  7. 6) Ghost Stories - If it wasn't for the few songs in this album (like Oceans or Fly On), I would have probably dislike the album entirely. Some lyrics and sound design is just too weird or corny even by their standards. I could not find myself listen it for leisure because it's just too gloomy or bland. 5)Parachutes - I've been debating whether this or the next entry should go here, since this album is not that bad by most people. But I'll be honest here, while I do love this album a lot, there are few things that I felt are quite weak. I felt like is not a lyrically strong album. Some metaph
  8. What? No Bigger Stronger, Moses, Lost +, All Your Friends and Ghost Story. All of which have full official videos (except for Bigger Stronger but track-dub video exist). Or Miracles or even Atlas (which I count, especially Atlas). Which in this case (Extra plus of those that stand out): Bigger Stronger + (I like it for it's pre-Parachutes, low production, charm) Shiver 0 (Awkward Chris is really awkward here) Yellow + (Simple yet beautiful, the transition from night to day is flawless) Don't Panic 0/+ (Would have made a full plus if the heads aren't so borderline-uncanny) Trouble (US
  9. I wonder if there are any Team Fortress 2 fans in this forum. It would be nice to if we could share thoughts on the game and the comics.
  10. I don't know. It was gone when I woke up. Probably deleted because of the stream is my best guess. :confused:
  11. Also, I find it weird that there's like three thread on Coldplay Dreams. [one][two][three] Can someone merge them and Named it "Coldplay Dreams"? :)
  12. I had a dream where Ghost Stories was actually leaked and and moments later a video from the Official Coldplay youtube was posted. It was Chris saying in a echo-y and thunderous voice that the album release was cancelled 'till further noticed. I wish I could say this in the Ghost Stories leak thread, but it disappeared. :(
  13. Does Mila know about the breakup? :shrug:
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