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  1. Thank you very much for this thought. Everyday Life is not a bombastic song and it doesn't need to be. It's sentimental song of reflection to a likely sentimental album of reflection of the world today. I didn't even remember it was the closer when I first heard it. I just think it's a great song on its own. With it's beautiful lyrics and simplistic sounding music. You guys be trippin' here.
  2. Okay unpopular idea but how about this? How about we don't heavy compare it to the previous albums But to me, this album is gonna be either to be a mish-mash of different eras old and new, with sounds coming from neither eras. And knowing your high standards, some of you guys will never be satisfied if you'll hear a bit of pop or hear less of rock. Can't we just enjoy the albums on their own legs and not just like them because it sounds just like this or that?
  3. Arabesque reminds me a bit of Flick of the Finger by Beady Eye with it's loud brass and a sample narration. This song so bombastic I love it. Orphans took a while to grow on me. It sounds a mix of AHFOD and Middle Eastern vibes. The bittersweet lyrics reminds me a bit of Dirty Harry by Gorillaz. Both expressing about wanting to go back to having fun but can't due to the current armed conflict. I kinda appreciate it a lot now upon my second listen.
  4. Glad to see other people enjoying another artists here and not being impatient hehe
  5. I'm just gonna wait for the radio premiere because Chris' reaction to learning about the Trouble In Town request kinda broke my heart. :broken_heart:
  6. For anyone asking, backtrack a little and look a bit hard. Get it before the mods noticed it
  7. 6) Ghost Stories - If it wasn't for the few songs in this album (like Oceans or Fly On), I would have probably dislike the album entirely. Some lyrics and sound design is just too weird or corny even by their standards. I could not find myself listen it for leisure because it's just too gloomy or bland. 5)Parachutes - I've been debating whether this or the next entry should go here, since this album is not that bad by most people. But I'll be honest here, while I do love this album a lot, there are few things that I felt are quite weak. I felt like is not a lyrically strong album. Some metaphors and phrases (like in Trouble, High Speed or Spies) are so outlandish, awkward or weird at times that it looks like it's written by a person who was struggling find to the right words in English (No offense to Non- English speakers). Plus, being their first LP release, their music isn't fully developed yet and sounds too similar to another bands at that time. Maybe that's why the band themselves doesn't like it. 4) Mylo Xyloto - Maybe I'm just a sucker for Pop music, but I like it album more than people would admit. I like the heavier rock and electronic elements to the album and the concept behind it. Now, the only weak parts of the song I can think of are the unnecessarily short instrumentals (which could have just easily be a part of the next song) and UFO (which is very forgettable in my opinion). The only other reason why it's here's because the others are just so damn good compare to this. 3)AROBTTH - I had a tougher time choosing between 3 and 2. It's good, it's really good. One of the few albums that I couldn't find one weak song. But one of the good things in this album is also the reason why it's not higher on this list. Its simplicity in terms of music. 2) X&Y - Much like Mylo Xyloto, I love the heavier rock and electronic elements to it. But unlike MX, the story it tells in the lyrics is much stronger than the one with a pre-establish concept plot. It feels to me like this should have been a concept album; an album about discovery, insecurities, and declaration (or maybe just science vs love). 1) VLDODAAHF - Dah, it's the obvious answer. It's sounds so radically different from its contemporaries but yet audiences and critics alike adorned it. And I totally agree. It's sort of orchestral-like music and arrangements coupled with powerful imagery and story telling makes it Coldplay's best, if not D best, album of all time.
  8. What? No Bigger Stronger, Moses, Lost +, All Your Friends and Ghost Story. All of which have full official videos (except for Bigger Stronger but track-dub video exist). Or Miracles or even Atlas (which I count, especially Atlas). Which in this case (Extra plus of those that stand out): Bigger Stronger + (I like it for it's pre-Parachutes, low production, charm) Shiver 0 (Awkward Chris is really awkward here) Yellow + (Simple yet beautiful, the transition from night to day is flawless) Don't Panic 0/+ (Would have made a full plus if the heads aren't so borderline-uncanny) Trouble (US) ++ (This and Strawberry Swing's MV here is how I fell in love with Coldplay in the first place. Beautifully animated.) Trouble (UK) +/++ (I really like this gritty side of Coldplay. And it's kinda funny to see Will and Jonny trying to tie-up Guy and looking like some of henchmen or something.) In My Place 0 (Would love to see more going on) Clocks + (A powerful video to a powerful song) The Scientist 0/+ (Nice execution, but the MV is literally a weirdly-done seat-belt PSA) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face -/0 (Would have made a plus we had a full story behind it, like who's the bare foot guy, why is the man turning invisible, where did he go and what does the band singing has anything to do with this?) Speed Of Sound ++ (Easily one of my top five, excellent use of excessive lighting ;) ) Talk + (It's silly and so campy. I like it) The Hardest Part + (Really like how well the band fit in the 90's background. In HD) Fix You 0 (The MV didn't really add anything to the video.) [video=youtube;ieu6zu0pcJs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieu6zu0pcJs ++ (Best tour montage I've seen, if this counts) Violet Hill (Original) ++ (Just the right amount of silly and serious, it perfectly set the tone of the era) Violet Hill (Dancing Politicians) +/++ (Love the editing and timing on this one) Viva La Vida (Original) & Viva La Vida (Anton Corbijn) 0/+ (I feel like some parts of the video are strong than the others. The former feels cramped and sort of feels recycled and later is slow-paced and uneventful. I wish to see a video that mash the two together.) Lost! - (The audio and video makes you feel like you're as tired as them.) Lovers In Japan ++ (Like Violet Hill, only much more when it comes to visuals.) Strawberry Swing +++ (If it wasn't for me randomly stumbling on this MV on TV, I wouldn't have think to known Coldplay ever. This MV alone is how I got introduced and it's so beautifully animated and story tolded that I just remember the entire video and not the song nor the band that is shown it the end.) Life In Technicolour ii ++ (It's silliness up to eleven and funny as heck) Lost+ 0 (The random Jay-Z insert makes the video almost a bit better. Almost.) Christmas Lights + (Neatly edited and as warm as the Christmas spirit) Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall ++ (Colorful, colorful, colorful. It's like you traded the story element of Strawberry Swing with more paint. And this is how I got the band's name.) Paradise + (Though the elephant was a girl at first... that is all.) Princess Of China ------------------------------------ (An eyesore of a video, from the mis-opportunity of putting full-on Chinese-inspired look instead of the abysmal design that looks like they put whatever says Asian-ish with no rhyme or reason to the really really awkward chemistry between Chris and Rihanna. Out of all the videos they would have scraped, why not this one?) Charlie Brown + (The kissing really weirded me out at first but the vid grew on me later.) Hurts Like Heaven + (It's literally a really colorful motion comic, may buy the comics someday.) Atlas ++ (Truly a video between eras, it's one on the best modern lyric videos I've seen.) Midnight + (A haunting video to a haunting song. What else can you say?) Magic 0/+ (It's really weird seeing Chris being 'in love' with this another girl. But plus points for playing the evil dude, I hardly noticed it was him when I first saw it.) A Sky Full Of Stars (Official) -/0 (A rushed video about Coldplay in the streets and fans that happen to be there following them. Meh, the Beatles did it better.) A Sky Full Of Stars ++ (Unreleased) (Now THIS is how I pictured the video would go. From Chris pushing the 'stars' as the beat drops, to the close-ups at the right moments [like the eye shot], to him being lifted like in the live shows. No joke. My heart skipped when I first saw this video.) True Love 0 (It's really weird seeing Chris being 'in love' with this another girl. He could have easily just cast another dude like in Charlie Brown.) Ink 0 (Wish they could have gone with a straightforward story and with the fan's choice gimmick) All Your Friends 0 (It needs more flair Dancing Politicians had, but it's nice to see some WWI for a change) Ghost Story + (Better than Lost! but not as good as Clocks, it's surprisingly editing well.) Miracles + (Not as good as Atlas, but still nicely edited.)
  9. I wonder if there are any Team Fortress 2 fans in this forum. It would be nice to if we could share thoughts on the game and the comics.
  10. I don't know. It was gone when I woke up. Probably deleted because of the stream is my best guess. :confused:
  11. Also, I find it weird that there's like three thread on Coldplay Dreams. [one][two][three] Can someone merge them and Named it "Coldplay Dreams"? :)
  12. I had a dream where Ghost Stories was actually leaked and and moments later a video from the Official Coldplay youtube was posted. It was Chris saying in a echo-y and thunderous voice that the album release was cancelled 'till further noticed. I wish I could say this in the Ghost Stories leak thread, but it disappeared. :(
  13. Does Mila know about the breakup? :shrug:
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